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Happy Solar Eclipse love bums!

While most new moons often invite us to set intentions, plant seeds, and call in new manifestations... This new moon feels more like: releasing, realigning, and re-envisioning.

Perhaps our visionary, truth seeking, and philosophical leader, Sagittarius, is only here to remind us to keep our eyes and attention on realities that we desire to see manifest. Perhaps this is a reminder: we choose what we focus on... And what we choose to focus on- expands.

In the mind stream of thought... It's like we are all radios. All of us able to tune into whatever station we decide to tune into. What are you choosing to focus on? What frequency is your mind attuning to?

Despite the chaos, there is beauty. Despite the chaos, there is harmony. Despite the chaos, there is love. There is so much love.

Collectively and individually, we have been going through a deep transformation. Peeling back layers, unveiling shadows, reintegrating back to our truth and back to our wholeness and integrity.

Today, I invite you to take stock of your habits, patterns, daily life activities. What are you consuming? What is filling your mind? Who are you surrounding yourself with?

We live in a mental universe... What we are internally, is what we reflect externally. All circumstances, events, people... All aspects of our external reality are manifestations of our internally landscape. Tend to your internal gardens. Create more space... Let go of everything that isn't holding you in the highest light waves.

We are transforming... And we are also creating new realities. You are the chooser. What you focus on matters.

Choose love. Choose peace. Choose truth.

See the beauty everywhere.

We are in this together.

And I love you.

Happy New Moon beautiful humans in my world!

Love Elisha

(Perspective: if you don't have belief or awareness of something, it doesn't exist. Imagine what your world would look like if you harnessed more choice in what you allowed to take space in your mind as belief.)

Winter Solstice Circle + Breathwork

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The creative mind thrives in darkness: potential out of possibility with Elisha Jane

The winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness or the rebirth of the sun and is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. The womb of darkness is where all creation manifests. Let us celebrate our power, the goddess, and the potential that lives within possibility.

Join to connect, journal, stretch, and breathe... New states of being require us to: let go. Letting go to create more space. Letting go to feel free. Letting go to move forward in light ways.

Investment: $22 USD (free for members of Daily Ritual... Our doors open soon!)

Date: December 20

Time: 1pm PST

Duration: 2 hours

>>> Join Winter Solstice: Circle + Breath


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Bruce Lipton on Shifting Our Reality

Moon Musings + Astrology

Chani Nicholas | Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Power Path | New Moon Update with Lena Stevens

Solar Eclipse with Spirit Daughter


Tomorrow we have our Solar Eclipse and final New Moon of 2020. This Eclipse is an invitation to say goodbye to anything that limits you, prevents you from taking a leap, or that doesn't resonate with your truth. As we near the end of 2020, significant shifts are on the horizon. This Eclipse is here to expand your vision to see them. Sagittarius is the adventurous archer who teaches us to find a higher meaning in everything. This energy asks us to find the silver lining of each twist and turn of our lives. Sagittarius reminds us that we are on a journey of energy and evolution that brings new knowledge each moment if we allow ourselves to see it. ⁠ ⁠ This Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury giving us the opportunity to shift out internal narrative and feel out infinite potential. It's a time to ask yourself what habits and behaviors are you attached to that cause you to doubt yourself or keep yourself small. Where in your life do you feel limited, obligated, or not aligned? And how can you stop selling yourself short? What if you were told anything was possible? What if all of your fears dissolved in an instant? Who would you be? ⁠ ⁠ As we work with this Eclipse's energy, know there is an element of release and one of a new beginning. We are entering an intense week of planetary moments with Saturn and Jupiter leaving Capricorn for Aquarius. It is an energetic rebirth on a personal and collective level. The energy may feel overwhelming and intense but know there is great potential for change. Let go of anything you’ve been “should- ing” yourself into doing or feeling and embrace the serendipity of life. Free yourself of self-imposed limitations and start living a life aligned with your joy, your hope, and your potential. ⁠

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, December 14 by Jen Fountain

Close your eyes and think of the people whose light has guided you throughout your life. Where do you suppose their light came from? Every person who has found a light to cast upon the world has honored a process. A journey through the dark side of their room up to the stars. No one does this without accumulating scars. Remember this when you find yourself alone in your own darkness, filling your room with the incantations of your insecurities, with sorrow as your only company.

It’s not an easy task, to sift our dreams from the mire. To tell the difference between the mirror’s true reflection and our own projections. Remember, every emotion, every light, has a source. Sit with your feelings. Learn their names. Their history. From the leaf to the root. When you tune yourself to your highest frequencies, when emotions turn to insights with honest reflections, you create a source of light from within. Once you’ve found this source, you hold the power to pull yourself out of the darkness. And cast your light upon the the world. -Jen Fountain

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius Oath Oracle


December 14 // 8:16am PST / 11:16am EST / 4:16pm GMT ⁣ ⁣ December 15 // 2:16am AEST⁣ ⁣

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is an Initiation.⁣ ⁣ Unlike other New Moons, this isn’t about writing a wish list of the things we want to manifest.⁣ ⁣ It’s actually about allowing our greater destiny to reveal itself to us.⁣ ⁣

We have learned & lost so much this year.⁣ ⁣ We have seen things which cannot be unseen.⁣ ⁣ We know there is a dire need for change for humanity & Earth.⁣ ⁣ Outdated structures and programs have been coming down.⁣ ⁣ What is here to take their place is beyond what we can currently comprehend.⁣ ⁣ It’s time to hold the Vision.⁣ ⁣ It’s time to rediscover Faith.⁣ ⁣

It’s time to shed old paradigms of persecution + dogma.⁣ ⁣ It’s time to tap into the meaning of Life itself, and see it as the adventure that it is, with all it’s twists and turns !⁣ ⁣

This New Moon eclipse is a portal to our greater destiny, both individual and collective.⁣ ⁣ It may not be comfortable. But that’s evolution + rebirth for ya! :)⁣ ⁣ Eclipses aren’t here to give us what we want. They are here to give us what we need, directing and re-directing us, throwing us in the deep end so that we can tap into our Power and be our own Hero. ⁣ ⁣

Miracles are possible when we commit to our Truth and allow the Path to unfold at our feet, one step at a time.⁣ ⁣ 🜂 What have you learned this year that strengthened your Faith? Post below.⁣ ⁣ -Oath⁣

The Great Conjunction by Coyote Star Astrology

The Great conjunction on December 21st will be the initiation and the “coming online” of new Aquarian energies that set the tone for 2021. When I tap into the field of The Great Conjunction I see electricity. High voltage electrical currents against brilliant galactic blue. A new presence unfurls it’s wings. The next level of the video game. Technology. Authority. Science, Innovation, and Government. Rebellion. Awakening. Community. Crystalline Visions. Third Eye Opening. As always, there is a wide spectrum of experiences. Each archetype has it’s shadow and exaltation, and Aquarius is no exception. Exalted Aquarius is infinite intelligence. An antennae to the Akashic. Access to every memory and experience ever lived. Kundalini Activation. Psychic attunement. Quantum leaps in innovation. New Earth. Quantum leaps in science. New Currency/Crypto Currency. Connection to Star Nations. ETs. Astrology/Astronomy. Community. New galactic friendships reflective of new vibrations. New Societal structures. Radical shifts away from tradition. Breakthroughs.

On the more dense 3D levels -Aquarius is emotional-detachment. Robotic. Lack of empathy. Man merged with machine (Trans-humanism). The dark side of tech. The Dark Side of Science. Disconnection from the Heart/Soul. Authority (Saturn) using tech and science (Aquarius) to control. Disconnection from community/alienation. 5g. “E.Ts” or false flag ET reveals.

Remember: The Light. Always. Wins. Good news: it will feel different.

We are exiting the Earth Density of Capricorn, and moving into Information and Idea based Air frequencies of Aquarius. This suggests that the regulation of your energy field and your mental perception will become even more so important. The Great Conjunction will be an upgrade on an energetic level. Know you have been energetically upgraded even if you “don’t feel different.” Humanity is awakening to who and what we really are. It has been a long, distorted, slumber. All these shifts are necessary. Trust in the break down, and in the process. Raise your vibration to experience the higher vibration of Aquarius.

Drink clean, unflourinated water. Eat clean (pesticide/GMO free) Let the morning rays of sun hit your eyes in the am, and the sunset rays hit your eyes in the evening. Remember that you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE over what goes into your body. Go to Nature. She will upgrade you when you feel tired or overwhelmed. Breathwork to recharge. Remember: you are Galactic, you are Prismatic, you are Magic and Crystalline. You are Sovereign, you are Free. No. Matter. What. I love you. Thank you for Being on Gaia. Thank you for helping to bring in the New Earth.


Nylon | December Horoscopes: Challenge Old Sets of Beliefs

The Power Path | December Forecast: Weaving a New Reality

December 16-23: This post eclipse time has us feeling pressured and in preparation mode even though we may yet be clear about what we are preparing for. In some ways, just the anticipation of something new coming in is good enough for now. As we move towards the important marker and turning point of the Solstice let’s keep in mind our gratitude for where we have been and what we have learned, and honor our lessons, teachers and experiences.

Be patient with delays, miscommunications and glitches during this time as we are adjusting and readjusting, realigning and shifting realities.

As a shaman once said, it is way more important how you end things than how you begin them. We are approaching the ending of a cycle. How we end it will lay the fertile ground for how we begin the new one. If you end in anger, resentment, disappointment and great negativity, you will carry those energies into the new cycle. If you end with great gratitude for your life and all that has been included in your grand adventure, you will take that enthusiasm and inspiration into the new cycle. This is a transition and a good time to honor any transition in your life.

The light at the end of the tunnel... Join me for this epic event! I CANT WAIT!

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February 26, 2022 - March 5, 2022 | Sayulita, Mexico

Full event details:

Meow meow, xoxo

Love you!

Love Elisha

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