MOON Letter | Super Full Moon in Capricorn: Obstacles are the Path to Liberation

capricorn full moon liberation moon letter obstacles saturn energy super full moon Jul 13, 2022


Essences: foundations, structure, building, integrity, BONES, honour, soulful success, heart alignment, practical, manifestation, obstacles + liberation, surrender, connection to higher Self, legacy, devotion, slowness + patience

Actions: letting go of outdated: thoughts, words, ideas, people, materials, focus on steps + tasks, build a strong + stable foundation, discern alignment: spirit to matter, accumulate resources to assist in building, release hustle + perfection mentality, let go and let god

Practices: breathwork, hiking/ climbing mountains, swimming in the ocean, lakes, or rivers, meditation on alignment, create step by step plans + BEGIN, feel it to be it: codes of manifestation, heart coherence practices (are you connected?)


  • Obstacles are the path toward liberation.
  • I am enough, I am worthy, I am here to share my gifts with the world!
  • My heart is my compass and what I love is my most precious gift for humanity.



DO YOU FEEL THE ENERGY? Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! Time to believe in yourself so much that nothing can stop you from doing what you LOVE!


"It should be easy, she said- as she sat there defeated, with her head in her hands." "Ahh... What bullshit! One of the biggest lies around!"

We are fed the illusion that if it's flowing and aligned, it will be easy and effortless, leading us all to believe that when the world hands us lemons so sour and mountains- so steep to climb, we doubt it's our path and we question if its truly our way. We question our direction when the going gets tough, thinking that life should be served like grace and entitlement on a platter.

When I turned 30, I finally chose the direction of my heart. In these past 9 years- I haven't looked back and have vowed to myself to be the proof that you can "make it" doing what you love. The obstacles have been just that... Intense, like mountains, requiring deep trust, perseverance, and devotion to my path. No part of my journey has been easy or handed to me... And perhaps- there is true gold in this.

Perspective is everything. As we move through life, we get to choose. To struggle doing something we hate or struggle doing something we love, but make no mistake- BOTH are work + BOTH take your time.

One sucks the life out of you. One breathes life into you.

And through all the struggle, the trials and tribulations, the peaks and valleys and everything in between... It is overcoming the obstacles that leads to liberation. Leaving behind a legacy has never been gifted for those who don't put the blood, sweat, and tears in. The true, strong, and free are those who leave the most brilliant legacy... And they show us the way of the heart.

The HEART PATH: The only path worth taking. The only thing worth truly investing your life into.

Life isn't supposed to be easy. It's full of ups and downs. Our perspective is a choice... We get to choose to suffer or surrender, to be defeated or victorious. We get to decide the state of our being - just because life gives us lemons, doesn't mean we couldn't all use some lemonade - as they say.

I know a couple of Capricorns. They are some of the most true, virtuous, and steady humans I know. They are master manifestors. Anything they put their mind and heart focus on, happens. Maybe not right away, but in time, their vision is shown.

Perhaps it's their foundational understanding of building and bringing the formless into form, their unwavering focus or their timeless patience. Whatever it is- they bring their mind into their heart into the manifestation of whatever they deem matters. And it works. Every single time.

I think within them lives a seed of deep intelligence: "whatever is meant for me will not pass me by." So they put the order into the universe and surrender to the how, what, when, where, and why. Their faith and trust in the process is undeniable. They persevere, they keep putting one practical step in front of the other. They trust. They surrender. They let go. They get out of the way for their wishes to unfold.

Perhaps, it's simply this... Once you own your worth, in the deepest, cellular, unseen spaces... This felt-sense vibrational realm- will be the magnet for all the blessings you know you're worthy of. The trick is finding all the places within ourselves that prevent us from loving ourselves fully.

I suppose we're here again. The biggest aspiration is LOVE. True + honest love. The unconditional kind. Self love is the only love because there is only one Self to love. And when we tap into that vibration that is true and pure and radiant... All the good things unfold, and what's meant for you- will find you.

Mm. Life is not easy a lot of the time. There are obstacles and limitations galore! And just like through healing our deepest wounds and traumas we unveil our greatest gifts, the same can be said for making it through all the hurdles and restrictions that seem to try to keep us down.

Despite all these obstacles- we still get to choose. Even if the path is challenging- it doesn't need to be sufferable, arduous, or painful.

We get this gorgeous life to pursue our hearts inner purpose. It would all be in vain if we didn't have to pursue through the mud a little bit before we landed with the gold. It's kind of like the coal to diamond. It takes patience and love and devotion to polish and prepare the diamond- to change it from worthless to priceless... And I believe this is like our lives, too. The obstacles help us find value, worth, and pride in overcoming all the hard stuff. This is the gold, waiting for us at the end of the rainbow- the trust and inner knowing that you can do anything you put your heart into.

Perhaps, it is our biggest work to manage all of our emotions- so that when things DO get hard (because they do and they will), we feel a deep well of inner strength, resourced, grounded, and with innate TRUST in self. Discomfort is unavoidable, but how we move through the chaos and emotional hardscapes is in our control. It's always been about keeping resilience, inner peace, and strength from within.

You got this- choose the heart path and meet yourself fully + stop doubting, stop blaming, stop shaming yourself.

There's nothing that can stop you when you are aligned and devoted to your heart. And YOU ARE worthy of it ALL! Believe that!







  • Are you aligned with your heart?
  • What do you love the most? Are you doing enough of it?
  • When things feel hard, the struggle is real, and the obstacles are intense: do you have your heart backing your vision up?
  • Look inward: do you love yourself? What parts do you reject, where do you not feel worthy, have you discovered any places in yourself that don't feel like enough? Love there a little more! (psst: your gifts are usually hidden here!)
  • What are you building right now? What small steps can you devote to this project to make it move forward?
  • How can I be of the greatest service to the whole? What gifts am I here to share with the world? Have I fully expressed them OR am I moving toward expressing them + sharing them?








When: Thursday, July 28 at 7pm PST 

Where: Grow Wild Retreats Pond Deck​- Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada

What: 1.5 hours of gentle + juicy movement ending in light breath and rest

Dāna: Donation based offering: Dāna is the practice of generosity- giving from the heart.

*bring mat + anything you love for movement (props, water, tea etc)

RSVP: [email protected]






(HALF FULL: register if you want a space! + invite your friends!)

  • September 2-5: possible special guest - just working out logistics! Stay tuned! (5 spaces left)
  • September 9-12: special guest- my dearest friend and my favourite breath facilitator: will be joining to help work the magic of breath! (5 spaces left)


This event is located in Shawnigan Lake, BC on Vancouver Island at the beautiful space:  

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” ― John Muir

Calling all wild and wonderous hearts... Who love to camp, be in nature, move, breathe, and feel!

I cannot wait to meet you in the forest... To dig into heart, body, and soul!


  • movement (the best + only kind!)
  • practice on the outdoor deck or in the sacred space tipi
  • conscious connected breathwork
  • ecstatic dance
  • cacao ceremony
  • giving ceremony (of the practice of Dana)
  • delicious farm to table meals from the land
  • forest walks for days
  • swimming holes
  • hugs with new and old friends
  • roasting marshmallows + camp fire hangs
  • disconnecting tech to RECONNECT to Self!



Work With Me | In Person or Online

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Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What’s left after we achieve the highest status and all our earthly goals?
  • How can we achieve while maintaining our connection to spirit?
  • Where have I been disconnected from my own soul in the name of worldly success?



This powerful FULL MOON in Capricorn is reflecting the cumulative journey we have taken to get here, while the surrounding Cancerian waters are ushering in deep swells to wash away and release what is no longer ours to carry. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Father Time, who often teaches us through restrictions and limitations. But the underlying gift this master teacher is bringing us, is to learn to find a way to LIVE amidst the restrictions, and to do the things that will support us in being able to LIVE within the structures of the material world. Capricorn’s symbolism is that of half goat, half fish, which enables movement between EARTH and WATER. This speaks of our ability to flow between the worlds, and the symbiotic link in accessing the watery realms of our creativity, in order to be able nourish and sustain our Earth walk. With effort and dedication, self-nourishment, and the holding of the vision that can lift us higher, we can find a way to LIVE within these times of upheaval and change. The Capricorn/Cancer Axis is the embodiment of the Father/Mother archetypes, and our Patriarchal/ Matriarchal lineages. Capricorn has symbolized ancient ruler-ship, structure and order and the archetype of the Father. But perhaps somewhere along the way there was a disconnect with its very foundation, its watery feminine nature that is an integral part of who they/we are. Perhaps then the re-connection, the symbiotic working together, the honoring of each innate primal power and magic, is what will restore the balance. As Capricorn also symbolizes maturity, this is a call to rise into our Eldership, and to step into our innate power that can never be taken away. We are being encouraged to let go of all of the trespasses of the past and see them as experiences that have fortified us into who we are today. So that we may lighten the load for the new journey ahead, and co-create our new Reality in more balanced way. May we keep our hearts open, our visions high and our hands ready to work together and be moved by the great unifying current of love. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️


♑️ FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN ♑️ Tomorrow we meet the Super Full Moon in Capricorn. This Full Moon is the gatekeeper of the rest of the year, bringing us a time to pause, catch our breath, and feel our feet on the ground. Capricorn provides us a solid container to hold the immense waves of emotions brought up by Cancer Season. This energy helps us find our center in the midst of any storm we may be traveling through. Capricorn is the steady, reliable sea-goat. This energy is capable of anything- no mountain is too high, no sea is too wide - Capricorn can handle it all with grace and poise. Capricorn teaches us that we all have a distinct purpose in this lifetime. We have a calling that may require great focus, perseverance, and dedication. We are capable, though, of manifesting any vision and creating any life we feel belongs to our soul. The Capricorn Full Moon is a time to go inward, reflect on your life’s journey, and ask ourselves some challenging questions. Are you headed in the direction of your heart and soul? Or do you need a course correction? Capricorn encourages you to focus on nourishing your core and foundation so it accurately reflects who you are to the outside world. Through this focus on your center, you can also identify places you are leaking your energy. Now is the time to be honest about your distractions and contain them so you can focus on what’s most important. Allow this Moon to help you see the next six months of your life and feel what is possible for this year.









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