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Today, I am flushing out the parts of me that aren't resonating with my truth. I am washing away all the little bits that aren't in alignment inside to out.

I am moving into all the areas of my life that I love the most but often don't share as much as I should. I am landing back HOME in myself.

Allowing outdated versions of myself to die. Surrendering myself to the flow of love and Source. And reclaiming the fragments of myself that have somehow been lost and unspoken for too long.

It's a recalibration. Bringing my insides into alignment with my outsides. Discarding the stuff that just doesn't fit anymore... Nothing is going unchecked: this is an excavation of mind, body, heart, and soul... Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It's exciting to have an opportunity to re-member yourself. To pull back all the pieces of your truth and authenticity... To bring yourself back to a space of wholeness. It's liberating to merge the shadows with the light, the unconscious with the conscious, the energetic with the physical.

Today, we begin a new two year eclipse cycle dancing on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, of life and death, of the conscious and unconscious. We bless new opportunities that come forward... A potent space of creating our realest real- inside to out. Taurus is a creature of comforts, beauty, and love... Earth magic, strong foundations, and lively manifestations. Scorpio is diving deep into our depths... Bringing all taboo realms to the surface. Asking us to uncover the parts of us that need to be seen and felt the most. Scorpio delights in death and rebirth... Shadow... And all things unspoken.

Perhaps this next cycle is a gift... To unearth the mysteries and shadows of our most inner realms... To bring light and life to these spaces... To create new worlds based on truth and recognition through illumination.

Themes: power, money, sex, manifestation, abundance, shadow, light, life, death.

One thing is for sure... Death, rebirth, and life- Natures most obvious and profound cycles... This eclipse axis is going to be potent... It's going to transform everything...

What are you creating? What are you letting go of to create more space? What are you deepest desires calling you to rise into? What is your TRUTH?



Love Elisha

>>> I teach a SLOW MEOWS class tomorrow morning at 10am PST: | November 20, 2021 POP UP

My weekly schedule is: Monday SLO|MO at 9am PST, Tuesday SLO|MO at 10am PST, Thursday JUICED at 10am PST.

+ I started chatting on my again... It's been about a year since the last one! haha Hoping to be more consistent... But, I digress... It is what it is!


  • Connect with the Heart of the Divine Feminine and syn-chron-ize into your own Sacred Rhythms | Moon Cycles
  • Unwind the fluid freedom of your femininity and reclaim your form
  • Reclaim your inner authority by actualizing the Goddess within
  • Relearn the feminine frequency of Receiving
  • Magnetize your desires through Diving Guidance of Your Own Heart + Intuition
  • Remember your creative energy through the power of your Yoni + learn your vital anatomy through personal exploration
  • Reawaken sensitivity and express your truth through your Yoni-Throat Portal/Channel
  • Heal masculine and feminine energies, within and without, through authentic sharing, connection, and sisterhood
  • Dive in deep to all taboo topics; sex, love, shadow, and magic
  • Embrace radical vulnerability, truth speaking, and self realization


This will be a 3 month container for 11 women + Britt and I... Who will be hosting this Synful Circle. We are feeling called, personally and feeling it collectively, to rise with other sisters, to share from our hearts, wombs, and bodies... To call in our fragmented, unconscious parts of self and re-member our wholeness.

We are SOOO LIT up about bringing this forward... Realizing that this is a HUGELY needed space for women... To learn their sacred anatomy, to share their wisdom, trauma, and experiences, and to be heard and seen... In loving sisterhood.

We are keeping this circle tight! 11 women plus us to make a powerful group of 13!

We can't wait. This passion is in the air... and we know how important this is.





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I am

I have no words to express Myself

But all words express only Me


I have no meaning

But to impart meaning to all that is perceived


I am without beginning and end

But all things begin and end in Me


-Rupert Spira



Eight of Cups

How can I envision this next chapter in my life? | I am ready to write this next chapter.

Am I ready to let go of the unhealthy attachments? | I treasure the sacred memories within my heart.

Ace of Cups

How can my heart inform my intuition and bliss? | I plant new seeds from the source of my heart.

How can I celebrate and rejoice with my soul family? | I see the sacred design in infinite love.



Moon + Astrology


Moon Circles:  


⚘ Essences

Resonance, liberation, revelation, reevaluation, passion, discernment

⚘ Questions to Ask

In what ways do I feel entangled in other peoples “stuff”?

In what ways do I seek external validation?

What attachments are presently hindering my self trust and ability to take action on my visions?

In just a few sentences, what’s my vision for my life in the next 2-3 years?

What do I feel passionately about right now?


Megan McCluer | Full Moon Eclipse Taurus 'Scopes: &  







Chandra Symbol Lunar Eclipse TAURUS 28: A man making candles out of beeswax. “The sweetness is in the returning to those sacred places always known and at ease there, stripping away false layers and finding somebody underneath who is poignantly familiar and resonantly true. The search, the quest, the process. The intricate, extended process. For everything depends upon entering the process and giving yourself over to the master-craftsman-hands of the Creator Beings. You are simply a seed blown by the wind, and to become this completely is blissful fruition inwardly smiled into being”. Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale




Let's talk about the way Water flows through the Earth, the way she moves through rivers and crevices soaking into the Earth, being moved by the current into the unknown, EXPANDING INTO NEW SHAPES AND FORMS into lakes and the rapids that catapult her into waterfalls of total surrender… Water loves Earth, and Earth loves Water. This AXIS embodied through Scorpio and Taurus is a surrendering to the merging, melting, meeting, dissolving in order to blend energies, to feel each other, to create beautiful mud and birth the lotus flowers. This TAURUS FULL MOON moves us into embodiment. The feminine energies of Scorpio waters are teaching us how to sink into our true natures, our clay bodies, and live, to let more of ourselves out and to feel how good it feels to do so. Not bound by outside authority, learning to trust ourselves deeply. Scorpio brings that magic. Death moves us to Life. We are alive to all the sentient gifts we carry. It’s the feeling of coming HOME. With the challenges that arise, we are better able to navigate if we flow like water and stay grounded to the Earth. We are ready to leap and take a chance on new experiences of reality that we have been creating for ourselves. A new kind of stabilization from within is emerging, that activates our senses and focalizes our experience in the PRESENT. Taurus whispers stay cozy and safe but Scorpio tugs our hearts to go for what we truly desire. Eclipses bring on change, awakenings, alignments with our personal destiny. They key is to embrace all the parts, be courageous and keep surrendering to how love ultimately wants to express itself through us. Love comes in many forms, love is like water soaking up the dry earth. Love brings acceptance and healing to all that is. Allow these deep emotional waters (Scorpio) to soak up and heal our earthly bodies (Taurus). Let blending and integration begin, so that we can truly come alive more than ever before.



Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 19~ This month's Full Moon energy is helping us plan for our future by connecting us to our past. This can be overwhelming and disorienting, so we must learn to stabilize ourselves by practicing mindful presence in the Now. This is how you restore balance. By slowing down, by cultivating your inner resources of strength and patience, by rooting yourself to the Earth. These shadows are revealing things. Look around and take stock of your home life and your material world. What do you have to sacrifice in order to maintain? What satisfies you? What sustains? Sit with yourself with these questions. Contemplate how far you have come to get here, how much you have grown. All of the wisdom you have gained from experience has given you the emotional maturity to really understand what it takes to run a life. It is in this quiet contemplation that one achieves objectivity by indulging in subjectivity. Understanding yourself, your subconscious patterns and habits, your past traumas and wounds, gives you the ability to step back and evaluate the big picture of your life, to see your own truths. To see what your needs are, what you are capable of giving and receiving. To understand with your head what you feel in your heart. When we can harness the power of both our intuition and our logic, our passion and our pragmatism, we have a force that can be a positive and creative influence in our evolution. By learning and healing from our past, we can see clearer into our future. We can set realistic goals based on our understanding of ourselves and our desires, our wants and our needs. When we find our inner strength and stability, when we cultivate our earthly resources we can stand up against anything life hurls at us. As important as it is to establish this relationship with ourselves, it is also important to give credence to our relationships with others. They are just as potent at sustaining us, at helping us grow and learn about ourselves. In the push and pull between security and freedom is where we find wisdom and empathy.

Understanding the no one has all of the answers, that we are all learning as we go along, that evolution is a process, is where we are humbled and learn compassion. It is time to let go of emotionalism masquerading as righteousness. It is time to be gentle with ourselves, with each other. The goal isn't to be perfect or to be better than anyone. The goal is to help people, to leave the world a better place. To contribute to the good. You can do these things and still be a flawed, messy person. As long as you are trying. Give yourself credit. You have come so far. You still have so far to go. You are evolving. You are coming into your own. -jen fountain



♉️ LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS ♉️⁠ Late tonight we have a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, bringing us the energy of the Earth to work with and nourish ourselves. Eclipses are powerful portals that occur when the Moon and Sun and near the Lunar Nodes. The North Node is currently in Gemini and is moving to Taurus in January. The South Node is currently in Sagittarius, ready to transition to Scorpio. This Eclipse is the first of a series of Eclipses that will take place on the Taurus/ Scorpio axis over the next two years. Consider it a time to clearly see the path for your growth over this time. Feel its grounding nature but also feel its potential. ⁠ ⁠ As we move into this next set of Eclipse energies, we are brought opportunities to work on our energy around abundance, nourishment, transformation, and the ability to create the impossible. Feel these vibrations opening for you tonight and tomorrow as you step into the next two years of your life. As the Eclipse lands in Taurus, feel what you need to release from your shadows, subconscious patterns, and deeply held beliefs blocking your evolution. Taurus brings us peace and stillness. Lean into this vibration to settle your mind and energy. ⁠ ⁠ We have been on a rollercoaster of emotions over Scorpio Season. Let this Eclipse be a container for everything that has come up for you. Allow the chaos to settle so you can see it and decide what needs to be nourished and what needs to be released. Also, feel into what patterns you’ve been stubbornly holding on to and ask yourself why? Are there behaviors that no longer serve you but feel like comfort zones? What do you need to crack in your internal foundation so you can rebuild it with energies that support the life you want to live? Also, look at how you view abundance. Are old narratives convincing you that you aren’t worthy of being abundant in all energies? Take the opportunity of this Eclipse to shift anything that doesn’t align with your true power. Claim the life you want to live and know that you are magical enough to manifest it. ⁠



💎 Full Moon eclipse in Taurus ⁣ ⁣ Do you feel the tension, loves?⁣ ⁣ The tension when life pulls us back, like an arrow, before launching us forward into the unknown?⁣ ⁣ This eclipse is a shattering of distortions around money, power, embodiment, pleasure, and self-worth.⁣ ⁣ This work is personal. It is close to home. It lives within our bodies, our lineages, our communities.⁣ The reclamation of the birth right of abundance is a part of the Aquarian age. As wealth is redistributed and invested in New Earth endeavors, evolution, & enterprises... we are able to pour more and more resources towards the changes we deeply desire. Not only for ourselves, but as parts of this collective... this divine tapestry we are all a part of. We have the resources, knowledge, and power to live in harmony with one another and mother Earth. Period. Everything contrary to this is a toxic distortion of humanity's power. In order for structural changes to occur, they must be torn down and cleared... so we can build on solid ground. ⁣ Leading up to the eclipse, with the Scorpionic energies strong in the cosmos, shadows and insecurities have been emerging from the depths.⁣ ⁣ This is vital to the process as this illumination helps us to gather unhelpful stories and obsolete structures, in order to toss them into the transformative flames of this eclipse.⁣ ⁣ Trust in this process.⁣ ⁣ Allow yourself to be in this Void.⁣ ⁣ There isn't much you have to "Do".⁣ ⁣ Be open to higher / inner guidance.⁣ ⁣ Give yourself to this journey, and it will give to you.⁣ ⁣ Surrender what hasn't been serving.⁣ ⁣ Create intimacy with your shadows. ⁣ Dissolve into the sensuality of the body... knowing you came here to have an Earthly existence and experience the beauty of the material plane. ⁣ This is the adventure of a lifetime. ⁣ ⁣ Enjoy and savour these moments of unknown, as they often precede miraculous growth.⁣ ⁣ 💎 Are you feeling the major rebirth that awaits you on the other side of this eclipse?⁣ ⁣ 💎 Are you ready to fully give yourself to this process?⁣ ⁣ 💎 What does Wealth on all levels mean to you? What does it look like, feel like?⁣ ⁣ So much love,⁣ -Ayesha⁣



FULL MOON PARTIAL ECLIPSE :: The full moon is exact tonight at 6:57pm AEST at 27° Taurus and with it comes our last lunar eclipse of the year. Our previous eclipse portal was between May/June in the signs of Sagittarius/Gemini. It’s essential to note that we have not had a lunar eclipse in this particular fixed earth sign since October 2004 and when we did, Japan experienced a catastrophic earthquake while the unsettling impacts of the war on Iraq were in full swing. Taurus rules over money, employment, the economy, currencies, finances, value systems + monetary wealth and just two days before the Taurus lunar eclipse over 17 years ago, Cuba’s President announced that the American dollar be banned from the country and Osama Bin Laden publicly admitted his participation in the collapse of the World Trade Centres, but we all know how + why this really happened and the GFC that followed. Dare I predict a stock market shake up or a crypto plunge over the coming weeks. The build up to tonight’s celestial event has been absolutely palpable. A Taurus eclipse really affects the stability of lives, and I feel overall, 2021 has been a desperate search for something dependable. A fixed eclipse produces long lasting results, and in an earth sign, we see the foundations and the structure of our world immensely impacted. Lunar eclipse energy is different to a solar eclipse. Its effects are noticeable on an external level whereas the new moon/solar eclipse (Dec 4th) will bring the internal shifts. A full moon is a time of culmination + amplification - a crowning moment. A phase of completion. When we consider these energies, this is an ideal lunation for purging, forgiving, clearing + releasing what we do not wish to carry with us into the next cycle. Remember this checkpoint and hold yourself accountable. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is one of resources + power. It is devotion vs obsession/destruction vs preservation. We are being called to focus on both the physical + spiritual aspects of our lives, paying close attention to what we put our trust in, what we will eliminate and what we will rise from. Don’t ever be so afraid to die that you never truly live. Crow 🖤





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