ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ MOON Letter | Taurus New Moon: Slow down. Take your time. Presence. 。・゚゚・✼

embodiment moon letter presence sensuality taurus venus May 18, 2023

ೃ⁀➷ Happy New Moon in Taurus .ೃ࿐

I am so down with all of this Taurus Venusian energy. The sky is literally lit up with planets passing through this sign right now, some staying for a short while, some for a more extended journey. It feels succulent, sensual, serendipitous.

I want to say: Your body is your abundance; your blooming garden of forage and fruit- and so this moon asks you to tend to it, water it, nourish it, love it.

Slow down. Take your time. Presence.

The more you value, take care of, love up on yourself, the more blessings you receive. These blessings are born through your ability to receive. How can you open to the bliss of body, of sensual discovery, of luxuriating within your sensing-feeling embodiment?

Breathe. Move. Feel.

What is inside is outside. What is outside is reflecting what is inside. How can we fill our cup, lift our value, and embody our worth in a way that feels true and authentic?

This moon feels weighted, as though it is setting us into a cycle of direction, intention, and fate. What are you choosing right now? Whatever is on your mind and in your heart, anchor into it... Tend to the soil of your heart and follow your joy, be your bliss, flow into slowness- into the intoxicating passion of presence- truly embody it.

The symbol for Taurus represents the womb- a place where something is generated. What are you growing? What is generating? What are you holding steadfast to?

For the next year or so we journey with the beauty of Taurus expanded by the energy of Jupiter- our beneficiary and luck creator- exalting areas of beauty, decadence, sensuality, fertility, worth, value, resources, body, and grounded nourishment. The call is to earth your body, slow down, find patience, and savour the deliciousness of each breath, each moment, each simple pleasure that presents itself. These spaces of Taurus and Venus are expanded and emphasized this year... What are you investing in? What gardens are you watering? Perhaps... Start with your home. :) // body// earth// be here now.

Slow down. Take your time. Presence.



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We meet the New Moon in Taurus tomorrow morning, bringing us stability, grounding, and security. It has been a tumultuous few weeks with the Lunar Eclipse and an intense Mercury Retrograde. This New Moon has the power to restore your energy and allow you to release some of the tension that accumulated in your body. The Moon is joined by Jupiter, the North Node, Mercury, Uranus, and of course, the Sun, all in Taurus. Additionally, we have all other planets, with the exception of Pluto in feminine signs. Feel this energy in the cosmos and let it inspire you to receive the energy you need on this New Moon and to nourish your spirit as you recollect your energy.⁠

Taurus reminds us that there is power in stillness. When we pause, we can feel the shape, quality, and vibration of our energy. We can sense our emotions if we feel connected to our body or if we feel scattered in our focus. Stillness and the knowledge it brings can also help us feel our inner resources. We always have a reserve of power and stability we can tap into when we need it. We always have strength waiting to be tapped into. ⁠

As you work this New Moon, feel your inner strength and your power to create whatever you need in your life. Taurus is also associated with abundance in all forms. The key to creating this abundance is understanding that it comes from within you. You are the key to unlocking it and manifesting it in all forms. It starts by gifting yourself moments of stillness to feel your energy, your inherent worth, and your power. If the last few weeks were uncomfortable for you, know that they were purifying your energy to feel your magic more fully. Now is the time to own that magic. ⁠

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The message is clear: it’s time to commit to embodying and embedding in everyday life the future you want to create.

  • choices have to be made and stances taken
  • actions matter more than intentions
  • deliver more than you promise
  • be impeccable with your word, transparent and honest
  • don’t be a consumer who never evolves into a creator

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