MOON Letter | Total Lunar Eclipse Taurus: love is PURE and uncompromising of the Self

abundance letting go love lunar eclipse moon letter receiving taurus total eclipse transformation Nov 07, 2022



Essences: love, letting go, presence, abundance, receiving, transformation, change

Practices: conscious connected breathwork (always!), plant medicine + ceremony, grounding movement, baths, making love/ tantra, writing, meditation, time in nature


↠ it gets to be easy

↠ love is pure and uncompromising of the Self

↠ what is chosen, intentional, deliberate is created

↠ letting go creates more space to receive




I choose the direction my heart yearns for and commit to it with devoted presence. I allow dead skins to shed so that I can be transformed and reborn. I witness myself in my perfect unfoldment, and revere my sacredness in this moment. I slow down to appreciate and luxuriate in the whole spectrum of sensations- of body and breath, of heart and soul, and I deepen into feeling it all. I recognize that I am a living prayer, and it is my highest purpose to exalt myself.


I asked my teacher, "how do I let go?"

She said, "witness the perfection of presence as a divine mystery and unfoldment of Self- what could be more breathtaking than living to witness this moment, right here and now. And, in this moment- there is nothing to let go of- no past or future, it's presence. Presence renders the need to let go obsolete."

As we move through some rather transformative times, shedding old versions of Self, of thinking, of being- Perhaps the greatest medicine we can give ourselves is the gift of presence. Simply beholding the spectacular show that is happening as we breathe.

I asked my teacher, "how can I receive?"

She showed me a fluffy cat sprawled out for attention and snuggles- and said, "with gracious gratitude and love."

Abundance (of anything) requires the ability to open and to receive... And, she said, "it gets to be easy."

I asked my teacher, "what is love?"

She showed me... My blindingly, bright white heart. She helped me to understand that love is pure and uncompromising of the Self. Love is chosen and intentional, it operates out of integrity, honesty, commitment, and truth. She showed me all the relationships that I compromised myself in... Where I lost parts of myself just to hold the illusion of love and relationship. And, she let me know- that love will recognize- "it is an honour to walk beside you." It will be held in holiness, reverence, and respect. And, it will be true.


These three questions seem poignant to share. I asked them to myself and they came through myself. The wisdom found deep within.

Scorpio transforms, dances with shadows, and explores the taboo. She is the ultimate teacher of truth and letting go. Taurus builds foundations, honours commitments, and usually has difficulty with change. But, she opens us to receiving abundance of worth, heart, and wealth, and teaches us how love feels.

This lunar eclipse- it feels as though we have the sweetest opportunity to transform, if we choose- and as Taurus declares, it is a choice.

For letting go: be present.

For receiving: open and embrace with gracious gratitude and love.

For abundance: it gets to be easy. (follow your bliss)

For love: it is uncompromising of the Self and PURE as white light.


May you choose the direction your heart yearns for and commit to it with devoted presence. May you allow dead skins to shed so that you can be transformed and reborn. May you witness the perfect unfoldment of your being, as it unravels to behold. May you slow down to luxuriate in sensations of body and breath, heart and soul, and may you deepen into feeling it all. May you recognize that you are a living prayer, and it is your purpose to exalt yourself.


I wish you a slow, sensual, and intentional full moon.

Release what doesn't work, what doesn't serve, what doesn't feel true- and trust that you will be filled up and renewed. We are being reborn in many ways- even if it is not blatantly obvious- big changes are underway. Lean into yourself, love yourself, and let go into the presence of your breath and this moment.




Love Elisha



↠ Letting go as a concept becomes obsolete when we live in presence. What parts of you cling to past or future and are you ready to let these ideas go?

↠ What would make you feel lighter if you left it behind? (of body, mind, heart, or soul)

↠ How does clinging or holding onto things serve you? What is the part of you that resists letting go?

↠ Transformation can be scary. Change is scary. Are you ready to evolve your being to its next version?

↠ What is love? What does love mean? How does love feel? What parts of yourself have you compromised in the past just to hold onto some illusion of love? Are you ready to lift into a space that is uncompromising of your beautiful Self?

↠ If we struggle with opening to love, wealth, or worth- often times we have an imbalance between giving and receiving. For me, it's so easy to give love, and less easy to receive. And, this ripples into all areas of our lives. Receiving is part of how we attain love and wealth. In contemplation- are you in balance with giving and receiving? How can you open to receiving more?









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The Power Path | Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Update

Luna Lingua | Taurus Lunar EclipseEclipses force us to reckon with change, offer us a reset just when we need it, a threshold of potential, a chance at revival.
They let us know when it is time to clear the debris from your soul, to let go of all the things that can't come with you into the next phase, the next season, the new day.
Whether it be relationships, thoughts, habits, beliefs or behaviors, let it all go like a tree shaking off its leaves.
Just like a tree can shed its leaves and still remain sturdy in its tree-ness, you can shed these things and still retain your you-ness.

Spirit Daughter | Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in TaurusAlign with the grounded vibrations of Taurus to look at patterns you are stubbornly holding onto, and ask yourself why? Become aware of behaviors that no longer serve you but have become your comfort zone. Ask yourself how you can shake the foundation of your energy just enough to free yourself of outdated beliefs and narratives.⁠


(our star crossed lovers)
align with EARTH
same orbital plane
she turns red
a moment of TOTALITY
the secret is in the timing


we’ve been circling
the edges of our time
but now we align
in the center


knowing we are held within
the heart of the earth


we’ve been here before
but now we must walk
right into the center of us


we’ve circumvented the depths
but now they are overflowing
from within us


we are being shown
what has been hidden


and in these tender moments
our hearts are strengthened


as we meet ourselves
with every current


and at every turning IN
a sympathetic resonance
with our human experience


the cyclical RETURNING


the continuous shedding
of all the forms that we build
to encase and protect


what is guiding each of our steps
is the absolute undiluted
essence of who we are


like holy seeds of holy longing
watered throughout the seasons
of our lives


roots deepen unseen


beneath the surface of the earth
before we can see any evidence


all of the miraculous workings
that by the most precise coordinates
must come together


so we risk the budding
to unfurl


the fruit
the gift


bursting open…


with the ancient promise
of love fulfilled.


With all my heart~~~Mijanou MM




Taurus full moon total lunar eclipse Nov 8 3:02AM PST / Nov 8 12:02PM CET / Nov 8 10:02PM AEDT⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Total Lunar Eclipse Nov 8 2:59AM PST / Nov 8 11:59PM CET / Nov 8 9:59PM AEDT ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Taurus full moon illumination: ‘Death is an illusion I am willing to see beyond in order to welcome new growth’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 

Shifting sands, sometimes sinking. Truths rising up to the surface, new perspectives revealed. Old ways dying off, new history in the making. Things look different here. The undercurrents are strong in this set of eclipses, pulling under. A series of letting go, over and over, and over, A paradox of challenge in the same breath as expansion and new opportunity. On the other side of challenge, there is always growth. That's what eclipse portals do, they pull us into closer alignment with our truth, with life's truths, even if it doest feel like it in the midst of moving parts and heavy hearts. The earth moon is here for illumination and integration of the shadow. It will take time, these messages and lessons cannot be rushed. Cool heads, balanced perspectives and creativity needed to come out the other side flourishing. Full moon eclipse blessings from within the changing tides. Kerry - Magic of I. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

More advice and MOONSCOPES on the blog with 💫

"Too often we think commitment/decision takes away our freedom and our choices but this Eclipse asks us to reorient it so that we can find freedom, trust, and commitment from the decisions we make. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus reminds us that deciding and committing is the precondition for the freedom we seek. That’s how we stay grounded while the ground is moving. That’s how the burden of the self becomes less anxiety inducing and more self-actualizing. May the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus provide you with safety, connection, and commitment!" - Colin

>> Full Article:  



My loves... We are approaching the final eclipse of 2022 with tomorrow's total lunar eclipse, in the sign of Taurus at 16 degrees.


 Nov 8 @ 3:02am PST / 6:02am EST / 11:02am GMT / 4:32pm IST / 10:02pm AEST

A portal into a new paradigm of Worth & Wealth. A values system transformation that ripples out in to the collective. Taurus is a sign that rules the five earthly senses, our material possessions, our self worth, our value systems, and financial security and stability.

There have been major transits the last few years in Taurus, letting us know that we are due for a values and wealth transformation and revolution on planet Earth.

Eclipses occur on the axis of the North and South Nodes of past life, karma, and future destiny. And they usher us in to a new era and a new paradigm around the topics and themes of the signs that they take place in.

They do this through catalyst events, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and endings.

The aspects are really intense at this eclipse, so it's important to stay in your body, to breathe, stay grounded, calm and peaceful, and cultivate the physical sensations you desire in your next level. The sign of Taurus is the one that least likes change; it is fixed earth, like a mountain. Uranus the sacred disruptor (in Taurus May 2018 - April 2026) brings shocking change.

This shake up is necessary as obsolete structures show their lack of integrity and crumble. Yet the way is not easy as economic structures and even tectonic plates shift. Yes, earth quakes and recessions can coincide with this type of energy. With only harsh aspects present, breakdowns lead into fated breakthroughs. The North Node in Taurus has been inviting us to develop the qualities of self worth, serenity, stability in self, body, & bank account. This is preparing us for where we are headed. More Taurus themes we are being initiated into: Permaculture, sustainability, climate action, slow fashion, quality over quantity, and steady wealth building. This is the pressure that creates (ethical) diamonds. This is the forging of raw materials into refined artworks. This is a pathway into the New World. Can you trust and protect the Vision (Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus the co-ruler of Aquarius, the Visionary) as the world crumbles around you? My biggest advice is to take care of yourself during the eclipse and stay in the body. Disconnect from socials. Hang out with crystals, candles, oils, textiles. Use the language of sensation to stay grounded. Breathe, eat well, hydrate. There's nothing to figure out. Evolutionary processes are occurring. Anchor in to the sensations you desire to experience as a way to reclaim power in times of chaos.








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