MOON Letter: Virgo Earth Wisdom: Fighting with LOVE | Remembering TRUTH + UNITY

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May my words soften the sharpness of this world. May my words be a catalyst for unity, love, and connection. AND SO IT IS.

Happy Moon LOVERS xo

A song for you:  

The other day I had a download come through:

> > > This is all a distraction. Ground into your center. Focus on what is meaningful, true, and from the heart. KEEP GOING. < < <

Amplify your vibration with the frequency of love! 

If we are all playing this energy game (and we are), we need to be conscious of our frequency. By consuming and participating in the chaotic and disturbing noise that is engrossing our reality, we lower our vibration, thereby perpetuating an energetic realm that doesn't serve anyone.

To make real change, we need to ascend energetically. This means shifting the focus from control, fear, judgement, hate, division... To LOVE, acceptance, and unity.

This means becoming a conduit for love.

>> How do we heal the world?

>> >> We heal ourselves.

POISON: Limit opportunities for your mind to be contaminated. Stop poisoning your field with media, news, social channels, polarized opinions, negative communication, propaganda, and divisive clamor. Consuming this content and allowing these frequencies into your sphere is the quickest and surest way to be distracted from what is TRUE and good.

*Take a break from social media and the news. This might be the best thing you do for your life.

MEDICINE: Replace above poison with EARTH medicine.

Be in nature. Find the trees, sunshine, water, and dirt- and stay there for a while. Delight yourself with time spent outdoors and breathe in the beautiful, fresh air. Go for walks, runs, move your body in the most nourishing ways. Find your mind in meditation and embrace stillness. Unite with practices that bring you back home to yourself. Practice presence. Practice presence. Practice presence. There is no right or wrong way, only the willingness to continue to show up and meet yourself right here, again and again. Be willing to let go of everything to find yourself here and now. Surround yourself with loving humans who support your vision for unity, peace, and freedom. And allow yourself solitude to feel YOU.

*Cleanse your body. Cleanse your mind. Cleanse your soul. Re-write your story. Ground back to your truth. Show up as your most authentic and true self.

Dr. Nicole LePera wrote so perfectly:

"With every person who becomes conscious, we form a new world built on: collaboration, creativity, unity, acceptance, trust, curiosity, + we each remember who we actually are.

We say goodbye to an unconscious society that subscribes to: control, shaming, fear tactics, intolerance, division, + ego based behaviors."


In a spiritual war, we fight with energy. If we aren't careful, we will be taken off track with low vibes, chaos, distraction, and darkness. Stay connected to source. Stay connected to your heart. Remember who you are. Raise your vibration and let's walk each other home in LOVE. This is the only way to rise beyond what is our current reality. This is how we take our power back.


Have a blessed new moon... Virgo earth mama bringing us home to both logic and intuition, healing ourselves and healing the world.


Love you all!

Meow meow,

Love Elisha





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"The first step is to remove yourself as much as possible from virtual reality back into physical reality, to ground yourself in your body out of the heady hypnosis of the Yang, jarring, psychologically intrusive energy of 24/7 social media and fake news."



♍️ NEW MOON IN VIRGO ♍️ Tomorrow the New Moon greets us in Virgo, bringing detail and form to our world. There is an intense energy of change around this New Moon. While all New Moons bring us new beginnings, this one is supercharged with transitional energy. Feel into this vibration and know that you are in charge of directing the shifts in your life. It may not always feel that way, but you have the power to decide what your life will look and feel like. This New Moon, Virgo taps us into our creative power. It asks us what we really want and, more importantly, do we feel worthy of it. If we make the leap and accept that we can have any life we want- then what is blocking us from that life? Virgo directs our attention to our self-worth. We must feel that we deserve the life we want. We must feel that it belongs to us, as we are right now. As you write your intentions this New Moon, ask yourself if you feel good enough for them. Do you feel with every fiber of your being that you deserve and are worthy of your visions? Or is there something that needs love and healing for you to step into your true power of creation? How can you heal old patterns that are obstacles in your path? How can you confront your fears and shadows that sabotage your magic? How can you feel empowered to use your intuition and creative force to manifest the life you deserve?



The Moon is New at 14˚38’ Virgo, Sep 6, 5:51pm PDT. Mars is within 10˚, leading the way through initiatory strategic impulse. Where you have this new moon in your chart is an opportunity to strategize what type of actor you are, what type of creator you are going to be and are becoming as we continue through this time of collective evolution. Virgo is Yin Mutable Earth, emphasizing internal reflection. The New Moon is squaring the lunar nodes by sign, which we’ve been feeling already this Virgo season as there is much information to discern. What is truth? What are your filters for truth? How do you make decisions? What’s your pattern? With the opposing Neptune and Pallas Athene Rx in Pisces, there are strong energies pointing to the balance of healing information, and finding clarity through discernment rather than succumbing to any proposed confusion. The New Moon is exactly trine Uranus Rx in Taurus, emphasizing the need to liberate our patterns of discernment according to our evolving priorities and values. We have to be light on our feet so we can be quick and nimble, untethered to any illusions of false security. The strategy is mental clarity and physical purification, inviting in personal health habits that reflect the nature of our current evolution. Be light. Don’t make it too complicated. Purify the habits you know need purifying. Uranus will help, + it’s always nicer to choose change before change chooses you.



New Moon in Virgo ♍️ Miracles + Prophecy This New Moon in Virgo is highly favorable and fully supportive in career, love, money, health as it gives us that fresh new start we have been needing and craving. The New Moon holds a lot of magic with the Sun conjunct the Moon, Moon trine Uranus + Venus trine Jupiter bringing in a big shift and supporting energy that only comes once every 12 years in love/relationships... of course it would come on the New Moon in Virgo (the goddess). The light is slowly peaking through and yesterday may have been hard with Venus squaring Pluto in the void Moon of Leo as it felt nothing was going to work out in your favor whether it was on love, mindset, money etc... remember it is always darkest before the dawn. The energy has been rough as all of our fears, emotions and old habits have been coming through before we move to this new level and of course they would come up because you are about to make big jumps of expansion in your life and have never held this new frequency/level so everything will come up questioning if you can. We often move into fear when we feel trapped or confused of how it will work out but the spirit knows it will work out, we just have to silence the mind. We can go into fears of what people will think of us, how it will look, fears of judgment/criticism, fears of being supported, fear of failing or even fears of receiving what we truly want that is in front of us. Virgo energy is about purification and the analytical mind, but we must purify the mind of all the negative thoughts and fears that are holding us back so that we can receive. You can feel yourself breaking through and coming into alignment/balance and releasing old fear habits... stay the course! We are breaking free still of the old mindsets that sabotage us and stepping into our greatest hearts desires! The vision has been given to you... trust the vision. It is already done! It is already yours! It is already written in the stars!


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