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ascension healing integration moon letter virgo full moon Mar 06, 2023

Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come. The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to:

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God/Heaven is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

This reference has been on my mind lately. As I contemplate the meaning, it feels so resonant with the dynamic shared between Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon; the realization that we are both form and formless, body and breath, human and spirit, mundane to miraculous.

Of course, our divinity and spiritual essence is written in our cellular makeup, we are divine by earth and DNA design.

What I love about this: the Kingdom of Heaven is in you- is that- I believe we are all fragments or particles or aspects of our great Creator, Source Consciousness, God- if you will. So, we are not separate as a human, but rather a fractal of Infinity. Each of us are a piece of the Unity Oneness, each made manifest as Consciousness through the lens of these eyes, this body, this spirit.

We are learning how to merge our spiritual essence with our human embodiment, and while it is messy and chaotic at times, it is through this messiness and mayhem that we seem to continue to lighten ourselves and ascend.

We are light beings. I speak about excavating the junk from our systems, this junk- as shadow, stagnant energy, trauma- the muck that works to keep our vibration low and dismal. But what I mean when I say excavate is more like integrate. So, this excavation: while it often does feel like a lot of heavy lifting, digging into deep and dark places, heavy lifting, shifting and moving big stuff, and sometimes not really knowing what we might find- it can feel like a lot. But, actually, it has to be dug up and excavated in order to be integrated. We need to shine the light on to bring it to awareness. So we dig.

When I think about Virgo, where our Full Moon is landing early this morning, I think about this whole, pure, perfect Being.

The etymology of the word integration: "to render (something) whole, bring together the parts of," from Latin integratus, past participle of integrare "make whole," from integer "whole, complete," figuratively, "untainted, upright," literally "untouched,"

Virgo is the one who is WHOLE unto herself. Privy to the perfection of what is, knowing there is nothing that needs to be fixed. She understands that process is perfection, and each perceived flaw is a pathway to deeper healing. Healing is embodying wholeness.

Healing beyond separation: we heal, we mend, we embody our true integrity by pulling back all of our fragmented parts. We integrate our shadows, injury, ailment, wounds, and traumas. We call them back, we create space for all parts of ourselves to Be at home, in our divine temple of Love, compassion, forgiveness, and perfect harmony.

And through this light awareness, we lift the heaviness and shadow, we create more space for more light awareness to penetrate our density. And while we don't go anywhere but right here, we start to embody the frequency of Heaven on Earth, Heaven in this beautiful, divine body!

Virgo helps us clean up, detox, and heal ourselves. She shows us that we are our greatest medicine and guides us back to our Earth mama, our body, our powerful Selves. She invites us to find the ritual in routine, the magic in methodology, the practical in the pristine... From mundane to musical and flow and surreal dream.

So, we take care of our little bodies. We honour the temple of God we have been gifted- right here. We breathe, we pray, we feel, we move... We eat, think, and occupy ourselves with nourishment and Love. And as we sweep, or excavate, and ultimately- integrate- calling back our fragmented Self into it's innate wholeness... We lift up and lighten up. We heal ourselves and we heal each other. And through our healing, the world is healed.

This lifting of magic and vibration... and elevated frequency is the divine connection to our highest medicine- that has always been light, it's always been LOVE. It's always been your infinite power within- the Kingdom of Heaven is in YOU.


On this Virgo Full Moon in Pisces Sunshine:

Let's come back into our highest Integrity: merging earth to sky truth in body and breath.

An exploration on what holistic health is:

  • Health on all levels: body, mind, heart, soul

  • Health as soul purpose

  • Health as attunement to vibrational resonance

  • Health as alignment to heart

  • Health as following what feels good

  • Health as choosing Joy and Love always

  • Health as feeling to bridge body with spirit


Shall we remind ourselves: we are the most powerful, potent, magical being there ever was. We become more so the lighter we become. We become lighter by and through excavating the junk. Excavating is step one before we integrate. Integrate is similar to Integrity- where we embody wholeness and be our most authentic, true human. Wholeness and integration recognizes, we are so human and so spirit... We are learning to Be through feeling and presence and high Knowing- of course, everything is perfect and everything is moving exactly as it ought to be.

Virgo tends to be critical, so be easy on yourself. The point is to Love... To Love yourself in the mess and the muck AND in the light and the bright. The pathway is JOY... :) Have fun and be sure to get out of your own way... You are the only thing limiting yourself. Remember that :) xoxo


I love you!

Happy purging, cleaning, purifying, detoxifying, excavating, releasing, integrating, and loving yourself back into the healed and whole being that is your truth.


≪ ◦ ❖ ◦ ≫


LOVE Elisha





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♍️ FULL MOON IN VIRGO ♍️⁠ Tomorrow morning we have our Full Moon in Virgo, a time to feel your worth, power, and ability to direct your life. This Full Moon comes to us in the midst of Pisces season, a time when we are asked to surrender and let the flow of our life take us to where we are meant to be. Virgo, though, is more structured than Pisces. This energy is like a life raft as we float down the river of Pisces. It reminds us that we have control over our lives and always have our intuition to steer us in the right direction. ⁠ ⁠ As you work with this Full Moon, focus on your worth. Virgo teaches us that we are good enough for our dreams, and in many ways, we are too good. We often underestimate ourselves. We give away our power to others and then wonder why we are depleted. This Full Moon is a time to take that power back and feel your full magic. You are in charge of your life, yes, you have to honor the currents of change, but you are always the one making the final decision. ⁠ ⁠ Adding to the energy of this Moon is Saturn, who is highly activated as it enters Pisces. Saturn in Pisces reminds us that our life is limitless. We do not need to be confined by old paradigms, commitments, or responsibilities. This energy opens us to the possibility that we can commit our resources to anything we desire. Feel yourself expanding through this transit. Let go of old commitments, so you have space to say yes to those that are aligned with your potential. ⁠



FULL MOON in VIRGO :: The full moon in Virgo is exact at 11:41pm AEDT tonight at 16° opposing an aqueous Pisces trio. Within 54 mins of the full moon degree point, Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time in 28 years. The build-up to this culmination phase in the lunar cycle has been immense as both Saturn + Pluto reach their anaretic degree and Pluto begins to square the nodes. We’re at a critical point in human history and March is the month we’ve all been waiting for. The Virgo full moon with its discerning, critical eye, delivers the paper cut we need during this pensive Pisces season. The mutable Virgo/Pisces axis is one of methodology + magic. It is the contrast of the measured + the immeasurable. While Virgo is the supremely rational master of the material realm, Pisces is the highly intuitive sorcerer of the unseen. A fine confrontation between the conscious + unconscious mind is imminent. A sobering slap of reality while balls deep in La La land is coming in hot. Wakey wakey sleepy head. There’s no rest for the working class. An intense T-square with Mars in Gemini intensifies the mutable energy and demands we have THE conversation. If the cat’s got your tongue, you’ll be hacking up a humble hair ball because somebody needs to address the details and confront the agitator with a to-do list that’s been waiting months to be made. Be discerning. Analyse and compartmentalise to identify what’s most important. This practical process will heal and purify your world bringing order and deeper meaning to your situation. With the Moon trine Uranus, usher in the change you’ve been afraid of by conjuring the courage to take action and speak your mind. Your words don’t have to be perfect. Nobody’s judging your literacy skills. This full moon is imbued with variable + vacillating energy. The creative, cataclysmic and constructive forces of nature collide. As the cosmic sands shift significantly over the coming month, take this brief moment to get organised and honour your health + well-being. Look at your daily habits and their accumulative effect on your life. It’s the little things we do each day that make the big things happen. ⁠








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