You Are Where Your Attention Goes

abundance abundance mindset attention awareness consciousness create your reality focus inside job magic wand manifestation mindful power prosperity Oct 20, 2020

What you focus on expands.

If you are operating from a fear, lack, or scarcity mindset, focusing on that which could go wrong or which isn't yet manifested... You will cultivate more fear, lack, and scarcity.

Our minds are powerful creators. What we focus on... What we give attention to- grows.

I work with a formula: intention + attention + focus = your magic wand for whatever you want.

It works both ways. If you focus on lack, the things you don't have... From this place of "not having," you will create more of the same.

If you focus on love, abundance, and prosperity... Focusing only on the plentiful and ideal- you will begin to give this reality energy, which will in turn manifest it to become present in your reality.

We live in a mental world. We are literally creating every part of our lives with our thoughts, beliefs and stories. You choose your thoughts... every moment. Knowing that your focus and attention generates energy and expansion of the thought- gives you power. What are you going to focus on?

Becoming conscious and aware of your thoughts is so important. We have to take full accountability for our circumstances, situations, and external reality.

You are where your attention is... And if you don't like what you see... It might be worth it to shift your focus toward your ideal.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and imagined. The more we focus on our imagined ideal reality- the more it will manifest into our actual reality. See things as you want them to be... Not as they are... And add emotion and feeling to those ideas and ideals- watch your world transform!

It sounds a bit like hocus pocus magic... And, I guess it kind of is. The truth is- you are magical. You are infinitely powerful. When you realize that your thoughts and feelings are generating your reality- you will start to pay more attention to where your attention is!


Magic wands... Focus on the good, and the good will multiply. Focus on the bad... and well. Let's just focus on the good.

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