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For 8 weeks, we will journey together- through body, breath, and botany. 






  • Plant ally tea, relationship, energetics, connection
  • Dyads (in person only)
  • Somatic groundwork
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Integration circle, sharing, space



All of the plants we will be working with are nervines, that is- repairing, restorative, and regulating to the nervous system. 

Throughout the 8 week journey, you will build a collection and a relationship with 8 different plants. It is my hope that you generate nourishing relationships that will help you to regulate your nervous system and aid in your well-being. Plant allies - to have and to hold... To cherish and behold. 

Beyond our plant teachers, you will build a foundation of somatic practices that guide you toward presence and embodiment, attunement to sensing and feeling, and overall body-mind intelligence.

journey with me

Where: Studio 4 Athletics

Day: Saturday

Time: 10-11:30am


It's aligned, juicy, natural, primal, dynamic, strong, and delicious! 

A practice that keeps evolving with you, through you, and because of you.

A practice that meets you on your mat, where you are- and helps to connect you to your body, mind, heart, and soul. 

A practice that heals... And is so damn therapeutic! 

In this practice, we work with the natural curves of your spine, balancing of the anterior to posterior chains (there's ample glute activation!!), an intention to engage all parts of the body as the unified, tensile system that you are, and we pulse- this practice moves! 

1.5 hours of movement and breathwork- and lots of spaciousness to go deep. 

My classes are creative, strong, playful, and always moving to excellent music. 

  • Drop in: $25
  • 4 classes: $88 (in succession)
  • 8 classes: $160 (in succession)

e-transfer to [email protected]


The Practice is an ever evolving, mind-body awareness project that integrates concepts of fascia, biotensegrity, evolutionary movement patterns, functional movement ideologies, postural alignment, rib expansion for optimal lifeforce/ breath capacity, and somatic practices for nervous system regulation etc. 

Through this practice, students have released their need for their chiropractor, physiotherapist, and other services that rely on external support. This practice heals the body by bringing it back into balance and even tone. Through mindful awareness and holistic body integration- the whole body begins to work harmoniously, all parts contributing for movement. It is a practice of turning back online the parts that have become sleepy or disconnected. 

You can expect to release hip pain and tightness, back pain and misalignment, knee, ankle, and foot discrepancies, neck pain, and so much more. 

You can expect to achieve increased vitality, expanded capacity for breath and lifeforce, more energy, more ease and grace in your movements, improved posture, and new information on how to move in functional and beneficially healing ways. 

If you would like to become an empowered healer of your body and learn how to tune your body through movement- send me an email! 

[email protected]

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1. The scientific study of the effects of dynamic processes, such as motion or acceleration, on living organisms.

2. The holistic study of the vital force or energy of living matter and physiological processes. 

Biodynamic breathwork or Conscious Connected Breathwork is a therapeutic practice that truly is THE MEDICINE.
How we breathe is how we live. Our breath can teach us where we are holding patterns that are incongruent with our highest harmony. Through this practice, you learn to regulate your nervous system, reattune to your healthiest, natural breath pattern, reprogram patterns that are not serving mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, detoxify your system, increase your vitality, cultivate more present awareness, and find deeper connection and understanding of yourSelf, plus so much more! 
The breath is our most potent and powerful healer and access channel to the divine- to Self!
The breathe is the medicine. Their is no therapy that comes close to the magic receieved through the practice of the breath. I promise this. 
Available for online or in person/ mobile breath sessions ranging from 1, 1.5, to 2 hours.
Please email to start the conversation: [email protected]

For more information: Conscious Connected Breathwork



Craniosacral Therapy is gentle and deeply restorative hands-on type of bodywork using subtle movement techniques to create drastic improvements within the physical body. 

It is best described as an anatomically precise type of bodywork that is approached energetically.

Over the course of our lives, the body takes on many stresses, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, which can compound and eventually compromise the function of the Central Nervous System along with nearly every other system in the body.

In releasing restrictions, moving stuck or stagnant energy and exploring underlying emotions, the body can deeply relax while self-correcting and returning to its proper function.

Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic modality, taking into consideration the physical, emotional and energetic components of the individual, and can therefore offer a wide range of benefits.

Craniosacral-based treatment is now one of the most successful and fastest-growing approaches to mind-body healing. It’s both a medical system with precise anatomical criteria and a therapeutic art requiring the practitioner to feel, interpret and move energy. Craniosacral Therapy is a form of manual therapy that goes so much deeper than the physical body.

This is soul work.

We are holistic beings and if one aspect of ourselves is out of balance or experiencing dysfunction, Craniosacral Therapy can be a helpful healing modality.

Craniosacral Therapy is Beneficial for…

Anxiety, trauma and depression, Arthritis, Autoimmune conditions, Birth trauma, Brain and spinal cord injuries, Concussion, Digestive issues, Disturbed sleep patterns, Emotional dysregulation, Headaches and migraines, PMS and hormonal imbalances, Post-partum, Scoliosis, Somatic Symptom Disorder, Sports injuries, TMJ and teeth grinding, and so much more.

Available for online or in person/ mobile breath sessions ranging from 1, 1.5, to 2 hours.
Please email to start the conversation: [email protected]

For more information: Conscious Connected Breathwork



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