MOON Letter

I am passionate about the moon and planets and how they affect the energy we feel all around us- personally and collectively.

In my MOON Letters, I curate my own energetic download, updates, plus a whole host of other awesome stuff including: horoscopes, moon updates, astrology, human design + gene keys info, podcasts, poems, music... So much good stuff! 

These are a bi-monthly send out- a love offering from my heart to yours.

Fly me to the MOON!

I'm in love with the MOON

In your darkness, I surrender
I traverse my insides
I feel it all

In your brightness, I’m lit like ember
I dance and howl
I lose control

In your rhythm, I re-member
All the parts of myself
Fragments to whole

In your perfection,
I find my reflection
I’m simply in love with the moon

Love Elisha

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