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moon letter pisces season virgo full moon Feb 23, 2024


ೃ⁀➷ Full Moon in Virgo *ೃ༄

We have just tipped into Pisces season- the watery, emotional realms... Detached and floating high in imagination and magic. On this Full Moon, we meet her opposite; Virgo graces us with her Earth wisdom and a magic made manifest in the 3D, here and now.

Their polarity one of magic and mundane- spiritual and human/ earth/ body.

I was thinking about a dandelion. For some reason, this flower/ plant is considered a weed... Nothing special, nothing to take note of... And many even find ways to rid their yard of these plants.

Yet, dandelions are magical! A first sip of much needed pollen for the honey bees, medicine and nutrition from root to leaf to flower top, and a burst of magic wishes upon its fruition to seed: make a wish and blow!

While many think of a dandelion as nothing special, it holds within it necessity, medicine, and magic.


On routine:

The most simple tasks, the routines, habits, necessary tasks- create a spaciousness for clarity, imagination, and dreaming.

When the house is clean, when the chores are done, when the errands are run... There is a certain level of reset and accomplishment... New territory to open in new ways.

Spring cleaning is a medicine of its own. How amazing does it feel to get rid of the over accumulation of stuff! How much mental and emotional space does getting rid of physical stuff actually create? My speculation (and my personal experience) is a lot!

These tasks, while mundane and often daunting... Really set us up to expand.

If the spring clean sprite knocks on your shoulder- I can't recommend running with her for as long as you're willing... Clean it up, clean it out... It feels so good!

When the house is clean, you feel spacious... Just like your body- when your body is clean and spacious (hello spring detox!)... There is space. Room to move in new ways. Room to take up more space!


This month has really been about landing a strong foundation. This culmination of Virgo Moon magic is potent. Virgo is known to be organized, analytical, precise, and perfectionistic. And! She is also known to be medicine, earth wisdom, healing, health, nourishment, and nurturance.

As we start to cultivate the spaces we have been building... tend to your inner garden. Tend to the simple and seemingly mundane. Tend to your earth body terrain. Tend to your tasks and watch the weight of responsibilities undertaken dissolve.


And when you really feel into the health of your wholeness...

What makes your body feel really good?

What is non-negotiable nourishment?

What am I ready to release to create more space for creative potential?

When I am grounded in my body, what waters are wishing to be felt?


Pisces lifts us up into dreamy feeling land... What are you dreaming up? What seeds have you been watering...

Spring is on its way... Can you feel the bloom about to burst?


I love you!


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Galactic Signature of this Full Moon day - February 24, 2024

I perfect in order to know Producing healing I seal the store of accomplishment With the planetary tone of manifestation I am guided by the power of vision


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