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Your breath is the access point back home to yourself. 

Let's journey back there.

coming home

breathe yourself back to YOU

BEGINS: September 30th

ENDS: December 2nd

What you are signing up for:

  • 10 weekly conscious connected breath sessions (90 minutes each)
  • weekly contemplation, inquiry, questions
  • weekly mantra
  • beautiful group of loving humans committed to stepping into "the work"
  • an opportunity to go inside, for release, integration, understanding, and growth


Breathing every Friday at 10:30am PST live via ZOOM

* No recordings due to the nature of the offering *

** No one will be denied this offering. If it is calling you but you need some financial assistance, reach out **

coming home | breathe yourself back to YOU | register here

Daily Ritual is an online movement studio featuring live classes, zoom recordings, and a community space!

To move live + online with me and 7 other amazing functional movement, yoga, and breathwork teachers... It's DOPE!

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Current Daily Ritual Schedule
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I have two offerings to choose from here... One is a growing movement video collection- videos ranging from 20-90 minutes. The Elisha Jane Movement Membership is an ongoing evolution, a collection that represents my continual unfolding. There are A LOT of videos in there. You will be busy for a while! I add 2-3 new videos each month. 

The second offering is a smaller membership called: it's like chocolate for your bum. This is for those of you who want to tap into the power of your glutes, heal your pelvic floor, and build your bum! This membership gets new videos when I feel called to make them and videos range from 5-20 minutes. 

Check Out Vimeo Here

a growing collection of pre-recorded content from our beautiful + inspired teachers!

suitable for all levels + multiple teachers to learn from and move with!

currently: britt, elisha, jenna, nicole, and hajer are contributing to this compilation! the other teachers may or may not be coming on board. for now- the line-up is sweet and the videos are awesome!

Daily Ritual Video Membership
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creating sacred virtual space through the magic of synchronized breath in practice and presence

This sweet breath space is held by 4 breath guides: Brittney, Zach, Mason, and me. In this creation, we add monthly pre-recorded breath and meditation videos as well as teach one conscious breathwork practice per week on a rotating schedule. 

Get in here. The breath is the medicine! 

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If you want a more personalized offering- I teach one-on-one and group sessions in either movement (the practice) or biodynamic/ conscious connected breathwork. I believe in embodied healing, so all of my practices are tried, tested, and true. I teach what I know works. 

Reach out if you need some support or want to dive into your body, mind, heart, or soul (or all of them because they are inseparable!)

These offerings are taught online via Zoom.

Email: [email protected]


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