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Cosmic Breath Waitlist


10 week weekly online conscious connected breathwork- journeying with the resonance, intelligence, and information of the cosmos and each other. 

Space for 8 beautiful breathers.

If you are interested in joining this group, drop your email to be the first to know when we launch the next round.

12 month journey of recalibrating back to your true nature


Join me for a 12 month journey- cycling with our divine cosmic influence, archetypes, and information... 

A journey inward extending outward, of relation, reciprocity, and interconnected joy. 

From Earth to Sky, Astro to Logos, Above and Below, Within and Without- we will explore the fractal nature of our being and unravel the intricate essence of who we are and who we are here to embody.

We will begin with Aries, our fierce leader blooming us into new beginnings, March 20, 2024. 

This offering will include 3 monthly live zoom meetings- one for the launch of the new astrological sign, one for the new moon, and one for the full moon.

This will be a deep dive into your true nature, your most authentic Self, and a deep relationship exploration between mother Earth, the plants, animals, archetypes, astrology, and your own human form. 

This is a massive commitment, and yet- it feels so right. 

Let's journey with the stars into ourselves- exploring how everything is really just a reflection of the vast world out there and in here.


Next Offering: SEPTEMBER 2023



Sentience is a super power- a heightened state of consciousness through your feeling, sensing being.


Magic lives in our sensitivity. It lives in our energy body, our vibratory frequency, our cells, our tissues, our blood, our bones... Magic is attunement to soul embodiment, that is our beautiful human form.


For 8 months we will learn to reconnect to our body and learn to sensitize and relate in more intimate ways to our ecology.

A deep dive into the quantum reality of our existence and a commitment to feeling the fullest luminosity- the precious life of the body.



*pre-requisite soma sentience foundational program*


Daily Ritual is an online movement studio featuring live + interactive zoom classes, zoom recordings, and an ON DEMAND library of movement, meditation, and breathwork from all of our teachers (6 in total).

There are live classes everyday... Personalized + intimate instruction from teachers who care. 

It's all ONLINE- take your movement practice wherever you go.

We teach a primal, natural, and functional way of movement that will inspire strength, total body engagement and tone, healthy posture, and mobility. 

It is a dope practice... Chances are high it will replace your chiropractor or physio... And it feels SO GOOD! 

Join Daily Ritual Membership
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If you want a more personalized offering or one-off sessions- I teach one-on-one and group offerings.

  • Postural rehabilitation
  • Movement therapy
  • Anterior to posterior body balancing
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Bioenergetic Intuitive Healing
  • + more...

I am an embodied teacher; all of my practices are tried, tested, and true. I teach what has worked for me- and I teach it because it has worked!

Reach out if you need some support or want to dive into your body, mind, heart, or soul (or all of them because they are inseparable!)

These offerings are taught online via Zoom.

Email: [email protected]


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