MOON Letter: From Fantasy to Matter | Full Moon Virgo Love + Updates

create dream goddess manifestation soul nectar tarot vimeo membership virgo full moon Feb 27, 2021

The Virgo + Pisces axis allows the material world to transform: fantasy to matter... Spirit to Earth...

It's the measurable with the immersurable... The details and the dreams.

The Full Moon is visiting us in Virgo- earth mama goddess. The Sun is shining in Pisces- the creative, dreamy visionary.

It is the most fertile moon... potent with potential to dream, create, and manifest.

Despite the changing times and uncertainties, it is always time to dream and pursue your hearts purpose.

Don't let anything stop you. You have the stars aligned and supporting you to dial in the details, ground down, and feel forward into your hearts desires.

The opportunity to manifest Heaven on Earth is here. Meow. Sounds like yum! xoxo

Take some time in nature, breathe, and love yourself up. Move your body- because- moving is the best thing in the world. It is the path to more feeling- and feeling is the purpose of life. xoxo

Happy Moon beauties-


Love Elisha

Some music... because- music is so the best!

​ ​


This starts Friday March 5... This week!

This offering is for you if you:

  • Love to open your belly + are addicted to that belly buzz!
  • Love to play the edge in your practice
  • Love to expand, open, and dive in deep
  • Have a consistent and a slightly more advanced practice in yoga, bowspring, movement mindfulness, or a combination of them all

This offering is open to my dedicated students or those who have a strong practice. It is necessary for you to be body-aware and present!

In this offering, we will be diving into some more advanced variations of:

  • Bridge
  • Back Cat
  • Wave/ Wheel Pose
  • Sky Angel
  • Around The World (Wave Play)
  • Camel
  • Maybe more!


Hi love bums! This is my pre-recorded video membership... I upload 4-6 movement videos per month... A combination of flow, wall play, somatic explorations, mobility, and various levels. It's a beautiful resource to be able to tap into whenever you have time or space.

If you can't practice with me live on - this is the next best option!

​ ​


This time next year we will be in Sayulita, Mexico at this private beach resort.

I know this retreat will be landing in perfect timing... I am already counting the days.

A week of breath, movement, connection, ocean dips, hammock hangs, and delicious food with loved ones... I can't wait to be in a bliss bubble with you all!

These events are always beautiful... life changing. They set you back on track and re-prioritize you. They never seem long enough, but they will leave you feeling alive and rejuvenated... And for this- every moment is worth a million bucks.

I am partnering with one of my best friends and amazing breathworker: Jeffrey Waters- he specializes in myofascial release and his breathwork body work is amazing. I am delighted to be offering this event with him!



Moon Musings + Astrology


​ Tomorrow the Moon opposes the Sun in Pisces for our Full Moon in Virgo. This Moon provides us clarity on our path forward and a much-needed reset to our energetic body. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess and reminds us of our strength. Allow this Moon to tap you into your divine feminine wisdom and listen as it guides you through a sea of change. ⁠ ⁠ We are still under the intense square of Saturn and Uranus, affecting this Full Moon. Change is the air, but we don't quite know which way the winds are blowing. Ground your energy with Full Moon and know that you can always trust yourself and your intuition to give you the answers. ⁠ ⁠ This Moon brings us both Water and Earth, helping us detoxify anything from our lives that doesn't serve our higher potential. Harness the energy of Saturn and Uranus to help you break free of anything the limits the full expansion of your inner Goddess. Then align with the Full Moon to clear away outdated patterns and past versions of yourself. Energies are rapidly breaking up on a personal and a collective level. What changes do you want to make in your life? Feel your power to create your world and choose your destiny as you align with this Moon's energy. What road are you ready to travel, and how can Virgo help you get there? ⁠ ⁠ ​



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