MOON Letter | Mama Cancer New Moon: Tend to your inner gardens to amplify your external everything!

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Home is where the heart is. Beautiful mama love energy to you on this love bunny new moon!

Walking under the dark moon with our divine Moon + Cancer energy- we feel supported to dive inward and care for self.

Of course, the more we nourish and tend to our inner gardens, the more flowers and growth we see in our external world. As we nurture ourselves, we allow for heightened awareness. We cannot serve or show up for others if we have not first taken care of ourselves.

Return home to your heart. It is from this space that we cultivate the energy and capacity to give our heart. The eternal dance of reciprocity- giving and receiving.

And... This moon is potent for new beginnings. We have the most amazing, inspired, and motivational energy for creating and manifesting new ideas. Manifest babes! Cancer mama moon is supporting your most brilliant success in whatever you focus and put your heart into.

Take time to see what feels good... Trust in flow and allow space for right timing. Everything you have dreamed of is moving toward you. Believe that. You are supported... You are held... You are divine energy manifested in human form!

Holler lovers... Have the best day!


Love Elisha


We are asked to be soft in our strength, and strong in our softening. - Moon + Rock


Some music for your summer heart:


This is beautiful:

“When science and spirit are reconciled, the world becomes enchanted, full of wonder and magic. The great conversation is happening around us in many dimensions. Magic might also be called the art of opening our awareness to the consciousness that surrounds us, the art of conversing in the deep language that nature speaks. And magic teaches us to break spells, to shatter the ensorcellment that keeps us psychologically locked away from the natural world. To open up to the outer world, we also undergo inner changes and development. For we are part of the living earth, and to connect with her is to connect with the deepest part of ourselves. We need the discipline of magic, of consciousness-change, in order to hear and understand what the earth is saying to us. And listening to the earth, doing the rituals the land asks us for, giving back what we are asked for, will also bring us healing, expanded awareness and intensified life.” ~ Starhawk, The Earth Path



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What am I now cultivating in my life?

How can I reconnect with my mind, body, and spirit?


How can I align my creativity to support my life? | I seek the abundance that nourishes my heart.

What are my true notions of success? | I celebrate the gifts that life has to offer.


How can I work with my shadow self?

What are my deepest dreams and insights sharing?


How can I reconnect with my own unique strengths?

Am I ready to face my fears and trust myself?



Human Design

Gate 53: The Gate of Starting

New moons are potent times for "planting seeds," setting intentions, and beginning new ventures. This new moon is heightened in it's power and potency with its Gate 53 activation- the gate of starting!

Double new beginning awesomeness... We are blessed with drive and motivation to get things started. Inspiration is abundant... And we are called to listen closely to guidance from the Universe on what it is that we need to start.

This new moon- set intentions and pray for blessings as your new creative cycle begins. Sit with inspiration as it presents itself and be attuned to what the inspiration is calling for and needing. Trust in flow and move according to right timing.


Affirmation: My thoughts, inspirations, and ideas set the stage for creative expansion and the potential for evolution. I take action on the ideas that present themselves in an aligned way. My gift is in the spark of energy that gets things rolling when the timing is right.



Moon + Astrology



Softening, listening, trusting, returning, support systems, self-care, vulnerability, gifts


Questions to Ask

What does “home” feel like within my own body-mind-spirit?

What matters of the heart do I feel most triggered by right now?

Where do I find myself becoming defensive? How can I soften in and open up?

Where do I feel over-extended?

Where do I need to give back more?



♋️ NEW MOON IN CANCER ♋️⁠ Tomorrow the Sun and the Moon meet in the stars of Cancer, heightening our intuition and our emotions. You may feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster as we make our way through this New Moon. Whatever you may be feeling at this time, the most important thing is to allow it. So often, we shame ourselves for feeling a certain way and don’t give ourselves the space we need to feel. Know that no emotion is wrong, and there is no shame in having feelings. Many changes are occurring right now, and you may be surprised by how you respond to them. Be tender with yourself and know some feelings arising may not be ones you’ve experienced before. ⁠ ⁠ In working with this New Moon, give yourself support and open up to your needs. What do you need right now? From yourself? From others? Cancer is the sign of the home. What makes you feel that you have a strong foundation and inner reliance? Cancer teaches us that growth is necessary but uncomfortable. When we have a strong sense of home, both inner and outer, we can grow with ease. We can break free of our old shells with confidence. We may still feel scared, but that fear does not control us. When we feel supported, we allow ourselves to feel more, and we gain greater access to our intuition. This intuition then guides us forward with ease as the answers we need appear right in front of us. ⁠ ⁠ Give yourself everything you need this New Moon. Slow down, feel, and listen to your inner wisdom. It’s there, and it’s your home. Find your way back home. ⁠


New Moon in Cancer 🌙 Just after 3:00am CET 10th of July The Moon moves into her ruling archetype of Cancer. Welcome home. Cancer is a sensitive archetype, as we all know. However, the New Moon is brings a fresh energy as compared to the Full Moon that sees us marinating in the energy that has built throughout the lunar cycle. Therefore, this New Moon in Cancer invites fresh emotional connection, inspiration, perspective into our lives. An emotional rebirth. A fresh start. A new beginning. If you choose to take it. The annual emotional up level. We might find ourselves considering where or whom we wish to call home. And what is time to leave behind in the previous lunar cycle. Cancer is the sweet romance with life we’ve been waiting for. Indulge in sentimental pleasure. Pastries, sweet scents, soft textures and whatever brings you comfort. This New Moon offers us the opportunity to shift the way we choose to relate to our inner-child and regulate our nervous system. Attune to your needs. Lead with your heart. And be discerning with whom and what you choose to create emotional bonds with moving forward. Cancer is always here to get emotionally messy, sensitive, defensive at times. Because hey, we are human. We can be moody. We need to let shit out of our system. It’s cool to be honest. 💞

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