MOON Letter: New Year 2022, New Moon: Allow Spacious Being

dark moon let go moon letter new moon new year 2022 process of becoming surrender trust your process Jan 02, 2022



Hi beauty's. Happy New Year 2022. Happy New Moon in Capricorn.

I think we all love fresh starts. A new opportunity to begin again, to clear the slate, to find a new, more supportive way forward.

Perhaps you have been reflecting on this for a while now- how that looks and feels for you. Or perhaps you are taking it slow... Mindful... No rush... Just patience and your own delicate unraveling.

I suppose the highest truth is that every breath we are refreshed, we are in a new moment in every moment. We can always choose to begin again.

And yet, the energy is collectively strong- we are moving forward, new eyes, new ventures, new ideas. Sometimes it makes sense to ride the wave.

But, perhaps we take this new year, new moon- dark moon- and move inward. To invoke our skills of deep listening, of tender opening, of surrendered softening.

Perhaps we merely ask the universe to show us the way, and let go into a big exhale. 

While we move into this year with so much potential, there is also the seed of intelligence that we are perfect exactly where we are- that we couldn't do anything more to be anything different. That perhaps all the work we want to accomplish really is just an inside job, reflecting, unfolding, the divine process of becoming.

Capricorn is a builder, even the master at bringing spirit and mind into form and manifestation. But this energy is also so pragmatic, responsive, disciplined, moving with keen awareness, perseverance, and honour.

There is no rush.

Allow the magic to brew within your mind, through your body, integrating into all of your cells, creating energetic resonance so that when you finally bring forward your creation- it is already there- waiting to be seen, felt, and known.

Instead of focusing on all that needs to change in the world, in others, in high and low places... Let's shift focus- how could we change anything outside of ourselves? Nothing exists outside of ourselves... So the work, the process, it is inward.

Let us begin.

Let us be the change... Embody it... And share it with our energetic resonance.

Big blessings... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Happy moon: be slow, allow your beautiful, perfect unfolding... You are in your divine process of becoming. Surrender. Have faith. Be where you are. Trust!

Happy new year: building begins on so many levels- be where you are. Trust in your process... And know that everything is exactly as it needs to be.

Love Elisha


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Moon + Astrology




Beginnings, reevaluation, capacity, confidence, strength, vision, development, unity

Questions to Ask

What do I presently hold a long term vision of?

What gives me strength of spirit? What feeds my trust?

How have my priorities been shuffled this year? What does this change, if anything, for me in the coming year?

What am I saying YES to this month? What is a sacred NO?

May we unify now all that feels fragmented in our being, weaving the frayed edges back into the intricate heart. May we keep the strength to climb the tallest mountain, to be in our dreams for the long haul, and to never forget to stop and appreciate the Beauty of the present moment all along the way.











New Moon in Capricorn, January 2~ A new year, a new moon. Points of reference for us humans, who seek context and narrative to make sense of the world. Offering us moments of reflection and reckoning that allow our story to take shape. This year, this moon, is pulling our ambitions down from the sky. So that we may see them clearly, and set our goals and our intentions and our resolutions. And make our dreams a reality. It is up to you, and only you, to manifest, and then build, the life you want. The future can often feel like a giant, daunting canvas. With you standing in front of it, a measly mortal, with a paintbrush in your shaky hand, and a vision in your head.

How do you create the masterpiece you see in your mind's eye? One brush stroke, one decision, one day at a time. That is how. What little thing can you do today to make your vision a reality? What can you do tomorrow? And the next? And the next? What do you do when you run out of a color you needed? When your brush breaks? When you fuck up? As we hurl into our future, we must hold room in our plans for unexpected changes and opposition. We must be prepared to accommodate and integrate. To keep painting our lives no matter what. In our day to day living, we tend to see our lives from a distance. The true shape and size of our lives and the people within it get distorted. Get blurry. Sometimes we have to step outside of our routine to see these things more clearly, to see them as they really are. This is why sometimes we crave excitement, or any kind of diversion from our routine. It gives us a fresh perspective. Embrace this energy when it comes.

Through this lens we gain more appreciation and gratitude for what we have. The things we often take for granted. It can also help us pinpoint the fault lines in our lives. The places our worlds have been fractured. And need to be healed. This moment calls for you to embrace your emotions in a brand new way. To excavate your feelings and your fantasies, and discover a new sense of meaning and understanding of yourself. To reflect upon your past through a brand new prism, that makes it shine in a brand new light.

The narratives we cultivate are important. If you can change the story you tell yourself about the past, you can change the effect it has on how you live through your story today. Reframe the past, and then envision a new future, a new picture, to hang in that frame. When you approach these matters from both your heart and your head, you gain a better understanding of your emotional landscape that teaches you not just how to navigate and survive within it, but also how to thrive. Your story, your big picture, is ever evolving. Give it room to grow. Let go of the rigid narratives that have kept you clutched in their grasp and held you back. Focus your energy on the future you want to create, not the future you fear. Your mind is more powerful than you realize. You know things you don't even know you know! The universe doesn't translate negatives. It only hears what you put your energy towards. If you focus your energy on what you don't want, well, that is where your energy goes. And that is what the universe responds to. Life begins in your mind, and unfolds and flows from there, like a lotus of countless petals. Let it bloom. Let it reach out into the world, and leave traces of love and truth, traces of you, wherever it goes. -jen fountain



NEW MOON in CAPRICORN :: What a way to kick start the year!

The first new moon of 2022 is exact at 4:34am AEST tomorrow in the practical sign of Capricorn at 12°. With a favourable trine to Uranus, the mood is excitable, sprinkled with an exhilarating desire to take a hammer to yesterday’s dry wall. Uranus’s unconventional influence will ensure that the serious attributes of Capricorn are spontaneously rearranged with an impromptu renovation and some out-of-character act of delightful rebellion against a colourless existence. This is an opportunity to make necessary alterations to our inner world that benefit us in the long term. A moment in time to consider our careers + ambitions and ask our elders what they would have done differently given the chance to do it all over again. With Saturn in square aspect to Uranus throughout most of 2021, we have Capricorn’s co-ruler and the planet of revolt wreaking havoc on the fabric of society. Man-made structures have undergone drastic change and the rat race is a dying game. This life-altering aspect will ease on Feb 6th returning for a final hurrah between July - Dec this year. We will not see this bad-ass planetary formation return for another 22 years. Those of us, seldom reliant on the machine, will barely notice this pass through. The rest will be scrambling to create a whole new reality from the rubble. If your life wasn’t at some point in a shambles in 2021, I applaud you. The energy of this Capricorn new moon is excellent for planning, especially regarding those far-reaching goals - the ones that require patience, self-discipline, boundary setting + perseverance. It’s the best possible lunar platform to bring our intentions into focus and set some sensible aims for the year head. Mercury moves into Aquarius today and is now a four days pre-shadow, stationing retrograde January 15th. Jupiter moved into Pisces on the 30th Dec 2021, bringing the magic we’re all craving to the table of 2022. This transit is well worth the wait. More on this to come. Until then, happy new year, star tribe! Let’s do this together! Crow 🖤



⏀ Capricorn New Moon: 2nd Jan ⏀ This New Moon in Capricorn brings in a renewal & regeneration of strength, dedication & determination for our journeys towards the mountaintop, as we take time to slow down & pause in order to get clear on the next path we need to take. This is a time to receive new inspiration on how to break free from the old maps to see the new path being revealed to us to help us reach our True North. This Moon comes at a time when Venus is still retrograde & Mercury is in its pre-shadow retrograde zone, so things may feel a little slow as we are being asked to press pause to receive fresh guidance & inspiration. So, taking time to rest & recharge & attend to your inner world will serve you well. As like an arrow being pulled back, we are gaining more strength & power for when the time comes to progress forward - for which we need to ensure that our efforts are focused in the right direction. This Moon has a positive alignment with Uranus, so you can expect some new insight, revelation or breakthrough with regards to how to move forward & improve situations or stages of life where you may have previously felt stuck or stagnant. This is a time to release the ways that you have traditionally done things & objectively assess how you can practically reorientate to new inspirations, ideas & perspectives. New paths & directions may start to open up to you & give you new opportunities to reach the mountaintop in unexpected or surprising ways. What is key is the decision to commit to the divine pathway being revealed to you & to dedicate yourself to this for the long haul - not just for overnight quick fixes. This is the pathway of the spiritual disciple who understands the need for devotion, discipline, dedication & commitment to service - rather than instant egoic gratification. This is a time to reflect & get serious about how the nature of your sacred purpose can next unfold on the material plane & how you can better concentrate your efforts into turning this into a greater consistent reality. And to come into right relationship with our inner & outer worlds so that the two realities are in greater alignment.

This may require a greater discipline in order to stay true to who you are at your essence & your core beliefs. This Moon is also a great reminder of your ability to be resourceful & find ways to enjoy life, even if the potential to do so feels remote. This is a reminder not to overburden yourself & not to pursue progress at any cost, especially if it is actually moving you in a wrong direction. And instead, to allow time for renewal & regeneration of body, soul & spirit in order to prepare yourself to adapt to higher climes & a more expansive environment of energies. Evolving into greater realisation of the sacred steps that help you to enjoy the journey of the soul along the pilgrimage of life ⏃



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