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ೃ⁀➷ Happy New Moon in Virgo .ೃ࿐




As I sit here, relatively late a night- finally a moment to sit and write... My home smells of roasted tomatoes and bubbling mincemeat... Actually, I am calling it mince-treat because its sans meat and so much of a treat. The smell of holiday spice is steaming up my kitchen windows. These projects of processing and preparing food, canning, and tending to the abundance of the summer are time consumptive and focal at the moment... but worth every chop, boil, and roast.

This is the first year that I have really dedicated myself to my kitchen- learning new skills to take the summer fruits and plenty into my own self made yield. My mom has always been this way, creating delicious food, preserves, and preparing the harvest for the winter.

Something has got into me... like I need to get back to the land, to old traditional skills, to knowing how to grow my food, preserve it, store it, and tend to the seasons in a harmonious way. And much the same, this process of growth and decay moves through me, too. Internally and externally, we mirror this flow.

Virgo- earth, devotion, service, health, purification, and fertility. It's the embodiment of practical magic... The details of the earthly mundane that orchestrate the symphony of divine creation.

This moon is calling me back home to my body- healing with seasonal tonics, foods, and frequencies. It is gently asking me to step back into the practices that nourish and regenerate: breathwork, meditation, gardening, art, space to be more still. The inward draw is here... And while the summer is still savouring the last sips of sunshine, I just feel this call... Its almost time to slow it down and move inside.

It feels good. Warming teas, baked apples, squash and ghee. Coziness, fires, and crisp air on rosy skin.

The moon is calling me back to cyclical rotation of seasonal sensation. Moving with earth, stars, and moon. Moving with cycle- internal reflections of external relevance.

And while we are moving into the autumn season... The days are getting darker, cooler... This moon is especially fertile.

I often say: plant seeds of intention into your heart. Your heart is the most fertile soil- and just like a seed, once planted into the soil of your heart- you can trust, let go, and know that it will grow.

This is that moon. In the realms of practical magic, manifesting your new visions, new beginnings, new feelings... Of health, purification, service... What are you devoted to? :)

Right now, I am devoted to continuing to create Soma Sentience with my epic co-creator, Britt Clements. I am so proud of and excited for this creation. It is as deep as the ocean, as expansive as the sky, as inspired as fire, and as healing and rooted as our earth mama. (If you want to learn the beauty of your body, movement, eco-eros-ethos philosophy... Join us :) 

I am devoted to my studies, my health, and the practices that help to keep me focused, centered, and solid.

I am devoted to showing up for myself, for you, and for the ones I love.

It's late and this is getting rambly, but I love you- I still have canning to do :)

It is my invitation that you take some time to tend to forward movement, set clear intentions with practical steps and application... Get outside, put your hands in the dirt... And remember your oneness with all of Nature. I swear, this feels so important right now and always, but we gotta slide back a bit- nourish yourself. Nourish your loved ones. Nourish our earth mama with your care.




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 Britt is offering a seasonal cleanse as we move toward the Equinox. If you would like to travel with her and cleanse your system + prepare for the shifts internally and externally- reach out to her :) EMAIL: [email protected]

~ 4-weeks, start Sept 23rd

~ Aruyvedic adapted + dosha specific: you will learn what this is, how to read your dosha, and utilize the pulse to read what is going on in the physiology. 

~ body mapping: the issues express in the tissues and when we know how to read these subtle yet profound ques, we can let the energy move, release, and heal 

~ Supportive practices like abhyanga, oil pulling, guasha, skin brushing, enemas +

~ The ecology of well-being: understanding symptomology and getting to the root. Gut-Heart-Brain axis + neuro-endocrine-immune relationship

~ simple, real, whole-foods: how to choose foods for your specific constitution 

~ herbal + fungal allies for seasonal shifts and changes 

~ somatic practices, breathwork, daily rituals, deep journal inquiry etc, etc, etc +++++



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LOVE Elisha

 www.elishajane.com | www.elishajane.com/daily-ritual 







4 spaces left!

OCTOBER 14th | DAY RETREAT: movement, breathwork, outdoor spa, cacao, moon ceremony, delicious food!

I would love to share this with you.








  • Remember how to feel!
  • Bring awareness to habitual posture, movement, and lifestyle tendencies
  • Create a routines and rituals that support the health of your body/ being
  • Reconnect to the intelligence of your body- internally + externally, physically + non-physically
  • Understand unconscious + conscious signals that your body is speaking
  • Learn to listen to and trust your body
  • Embody new ways of being and moving in your life
  • Heighten felt-sense awareness and sensitivity through breath, movement, and lifestyle
  • Establish well being as an integral part of your daily lifestyle
  • Evolve your intrinsic technology
  • Return to innate ecology



“The cosmos is within us.

We are made of star-stuff.

We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

― Carl Sagan




Cosmic Breath: breathing with the cosmos


What you'll get:

  • 8 weeks of committed conscious connected breathwork practice
  • cosmic downloads from my heart to yours
  • embodied seasonal and cyclical wisdom from plants to planets
  • an opportunity to dive into enriching conversation and contemplation on the beautiful mysteries and magic of the world
  • discover relationship to all: as above, so below; as within, so without
  • a beautiful community of inspired and wise humans
  • weekly recap email with resources and words from me to you


Classes will be online via Zoom

FRIDAYS 10:30am - 12:30pm PST





*move with me on daily ritual!* $77/MONTH with 14 DAY FREE TRIAL (always)

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  • 14 DAY FREE TRIAL: check us out with NO risk
  • Unlimited access to live + interactive Zoom classes on a set weekly schedule (guaranteed at least one live class per day)
  • Zoom recordings (teachers are the only ones visible here!)
  • ON DEMAND: Pre-recorded movement + meditation videos (a growing + dope library of amazing classes from all of us!)
  • Movement professionals as your teachers (each with a minimum of 15 years experience teaching!)
  • PLAYLISTS! (from the teachers and I - because movement and music is the BEST!)
  • Global community: friends from everywhere!
  • Inclusive, Safe, Free: this is a space where you are welcome to come as you are!
  • DISCOUNTS: when we offer events associated with Daily Ritual or ELISHAJANE.COM - you get cool discounts!



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PS: movement classes are happening at Studio 4 on Saturdays at 10-1130am... Come check it out!





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