MOON Letter | Eclipse Season: Taurus New Moon - DNA Upgrades, Shifting Timelines + Balancing Ego to Soul

dna upgrade eclipse season ego feminine let go moon letter new moon resonance surrender synchronicity taurus moon Apr 29, 2022



Essences: shifting timelines, choices + changes, dissolution, transition, DNA upgrade, synchronicity, endings + beginnings, cosmic rhythm, joy + pleasure pursuits, witness, review relationships to comfort, security, resources, value, and self esteem, unity, surrender, trust

Actions: let go and let God: surrendering to Universal flow, observer seat: allowing dissolution + trusting in higher order, absolving ego + intellect and inviting inner/ soul knowing and feeling, grounding nervous system

Practices: practice "let go" exhale in breathwork, follow your soul path: what lights you up? lean into chaos as path to perfection + cosmic order, baths, meditation on breath, stillness, presence to harmonize ego with soul, review comfort zones, perceived security, potential resources, invest in Self through nourishment, loving practices, and spaciousness, embodiment + earth resources


Happy Moon lovers!

Eclipse season has begun. Typically, eclipses have this shake up effect... Catalyzing change through sharp endings and unpredictable beginnings.

We can watch from the witness seat as things dissolve and manifest in quantum leaps- We might not see it coming, but the Universe always has a plan.

You see- there is a perfect order, a divine cosmic credence: chaos IS required for new shapes to take form. And while it feels a little uncomfortable for our precious ego- who tends to cling and control and desperately stay in charge- this chaos is necessary for new forms to emerge. There is perfection in chaos- there is Universal order moving forward.

Through this New Moon eclipse portal, we dance with the feminine and form. She asks us to let go, to surrender, and to allow everything not aligned to dissolve and make space for that which wants to take form. Sometimes its scary, sometimes it looks kind of ugly... But our resistance is the most challenging thing about what is trying to unfold.

I wonder why we resist change so much- we cling so tightly... We grasp onto our comfort zones. I suppose eclipse season teaches us to embrace the true nature of life- that is always changing, shifting, and evolving.

So! We have endings. And, we have beginnings. And, change is in the air!

Let's talk about the ego for a second. Our ego likes to draw straight lines- moving from point A to B with resolute mind-made linearity. It likes to navigate, orchestrate, and dictate. It mentally thinks it knows where to go and how to get there. It discounts your heart. It disqualifies your gut. It takes charge and says: I am the authority here. The problem is that unless we are in harmonious resonance- our ego with our soul... We are surely not aligned to our true nature or highest path.

The ego floats in logic, reason, and limitation. It keeps things comfortable and resists anything that shakes the boat. But the heart and soul- they KNOW. Have you been listening?

Moving with the manifestation beauty of this new moon... I suppose it's time we start to feel a bit more, to follow resonance, to move toward that which lights us up, brings us pleasure and joy, and lifts us into excitement. When we choose to follow these feelings- we will be taken on a personal soul journey that is not linear but wavy and cosmically, authentically divine and curated specifically for YOU!

Change is uncomfortable. The ego doesn't want any of it. But your new consciousness shift is here- time to upgrade your DNA and see new potentials, possibilities, and lean into where your heart is showing you to go. (tap into nervous system regulation and heart coherence!- breathe!)

As you lean into trust and absolve ego based fears... You will start to move with the sweetness of your unique universal flow- a synchronicity with all of life that will take you on a journey unimaginable.

The question is: will you get out of your own way?

Lean back + let go, enjoy the ride. Tune into your heart resonance and move toward it- it is your North Star. And trust trust trust. We are being aligned to our highest timelines- when we let go of our mind-made ideas of how it should be... We open up more SPACE and acceptance for how it actually is.

And maybe you'll find- where you thought you were going isn't where you really ought to go... And maybe this new place is more than you could have ever dreamed of. Maybe there is magic in letting go.


Pro tips for this new moon: eat nourishing foods, ground- toes on the earth, take baths, pamper yourself in loving ways, follow your pleasures, release what's not serving you (truly- let it go! review, reflect, release- relationships, jobs, aspects of yourself!), find solace and stillness, nature bites, and BREATHE!



Love Elisha


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Things I Like




Hanged Being


KEYS: stagnation, letting go, surrender, stubbornness, relinquishing, resignation

Light: It's time to let some things go, and we are ready. Be it a relationship, career, or even an idea of ourselves or our character, the moment has come, and there is a genuine desire to cut the cord. Trepidation is natural, and there may indeed be some sadness to work through. But the overall momentum has reached maturation, and there is no turning back.

Shadow: We don't want to let go. We have invested so much of ourselves in what we are now being asked to surrender, and we can't see beyond the pain just yet. It is true that these heart/body/mind, even financial, investments are very real, very important time capsules of our lives. We expect to see return, and if we don't, our instinct may be to grasp and cling and ensure something comes back to us. But, rest assured- it wasn't a waste- even though it may not have turned out how we wished it would. Choose to transform this into a learning experience and it will be invaluable.

Mantra: I let go of relics and embrace what is next.



Moon + Astrology




Unconditional Love, beginnings, simplicity, intention, integration, divinity, forgiveness, discernment

Questions to Ask

Where is my focus and devotion needed most right now?

What intentions am I planting for this coming moon cycle?

What am I ready to do differently?

What role does Divine Femininity play in my life today? What is my connection with it?

What is distracting me? How can I release these distractions, and what can I fill that space & time with instead?






♉️ Solar Eclipse in Taurus ♉️⁠ Tomorrow we meet the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, a time of transformation and unexpected adventure. This Eclipse brings a whirlwind of change, and it’s our job to ride these winds while staying grounded, in touch with ourselves, and in gratitude.⁠ ⁠ The Eclipse is conjunct Uranus, the planet of change. Expect some surprises in your life, and get ready for massive shifts. Life may feel uncomfortable for a while with many new beginnings. Change, though, is always uncomfortable as you leave the familiar and step into the unknown. The key to real growth is being ok with discomfort by finding tools that help you navigate the unknown with grace and a bit of humor.⁠ ⁠ As you work with this supercharged New Moon, feel what direction the Universe is pulling you. What messages are you receiving about your evolution? What are you resisting because of attachments to your comfort zones? And who would you be if you allowed yourself to fly? Lean into the energy of this time and let it take you to new places aligned with your potential. And if the ride there brings some surprises on the way, look for the higher meaning of everything and embrace change with inner knowing that it’s all meant to be.⁠



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus This New Moon focuses on the North Node energy pushing us beyond our limits and realigning us with our purpose. Yes we may have lost track of where we were going, slipped into old thoughts/patterns/actions etc, but this New Moon holds some heavy hitters in the sky redirecting us back into ourselves and our highest timelines. We have the North Node, Uranus, Venus and Mars all helping to shake us up, come back into reality and give us the opportunity and extra push we need as we have some breakthroughs and solutions about our dreams, career, projects etc. This energy will be ushering us into October 2022- so you have some time to build the momentum, but don’t be surprised if everything comes all at once- especially with Uranus in the mix. We are asked to start taking initiative again and shake ourselves out of our old habits- this could be mentally, daily routines, ideas, aesthetic, diet etc. With so much Venus and Neptune in the sky there is opportunities to make those long lasting dreams come true as manifestations are high. If you have felt money, opportunities and love has been stagnant lately this eclipse will start to move things forward again as we start to break free from Saturns domain even more. Set yourself up with new narratives and set up your containers to hold more wealth, more success, more health, more love etc. You can not bring more in if you do not clear out the old but do not create a present container to hold that which you desire. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) have been going through it for a while and will feel this eclipse but after this the energy will shift into cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) again feeling it and being upgraded. Take some time to get grounded and set some clear goals and new narratives for what you want. Clean your space, get rid of the old and welcome in your new timeline.



New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 30~ Have there been some changes in your life that your intuition has been telling you that you need to make, but you just haven't been able to? Whether it be out of fear, or a sense of unpreparedness, or simply not knowing how to initiate that first step, whatever is holding you back is beginning to lose its grip. Now is the time to finally banish all excuses. Cause whether you like it or not, a change is gonna come. Don't you fret, these changes are necessary for you to level up. The only way to hold on is to let go. For this moment, Taurus Moon reminds us to simply focus on our earthly resources. Slow down. Breathe. Tend to your garden. Tend to your body. Tend to your home. This moment is for digging roots. For planting seeds. For listening. So that we may understand our lessons in a profound new way. We are healing. We are preparing. As our focus comes more into clarity, our courage and our ability to express ourselves from a place of deep knowing will expand and embed itself into our identity. When you respect and honor your own core beliefs, when you live your truth, you attract those whose beliefs align with yours. Only when your roots run deep and sturdy can you stand tall in your convictions. Can you command respect. Because you will have a sense of self reliance looming over everything you do. And when the winds of change shift, you will have a strong foundation to weather the storm. Because the world around us, and within us, is transforming. Fraught with uncertainty, this unfurling can amplify our emotions. If we don't make a point to slow down, to find our footing, to maintain our equilibrium, we can easily get swept up and act out impulsively and irrationally. And the consequences to these actions will soon be knocking at our door. However, don't become too stubborn and so rigid that you can't bend in the wind. It's important to stand by and stand up for yourself, but try not to overreact when people tell you what they think you should be doing, or when things don't go your way, or when emotionally charged events crash into your life and alter your course. It is not an easy task, to keep your head straight when the world is swirling all around you, but it benefits everyone when we can pull it off. Change is scary, and we all respond differently to it. Though it can be overwhelming and feel like it's a bad thing that is happening to you, these revisions are aiding you in your development. These modulations are taking place to reconnect you to your purpose, to your higher self, so that you can recapture that feeling of life flowing through you like an electrical charge animating you ecstatically. The unfortunate truth about all of this is that some people, places, and things have to be sacrificed in order for you to get to where you need to go. It is necessary that you acknowledge and mourn their loss. But in the end, the feeling of living your authentic life will rise above it all. And you will look back upon it all with a knowing grin, and a little nod. You are moving forward. You are moving TOWARD something. Toward a brand new day. First, you must honor, and then let go of, the day that just transpired. And all of the yesterdays that brought you to this place. And in the twilight of goodbye, on the precipice of transmutation, is where you say a little prayer. And then you sit quietly in the darkness of the night. And contemplate the moon. Reckon with the stars. You allow the light to re-emerge in its own time. With it will come the clarity that is beyond your scope of vision right now. Trust that it is coming. -jen fountain


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