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alchemy full moon lunar eclipse moon letter scorpio May 04, 2023


ೃ⁀➷ Happy FULL Moon Lunar ECLIPSE in Scorpio! *ೃ༄

This cute little moon feels. She feels big- in the way that starts to crack you open uncomfortably... Those vulnerable little digs that catch you off guard.

What I have been witnessing around me is endings. Endings of relationships, endings of lives, endings of past identities. My field feels rich with this alchemical soup... The stuff that demands instantaneous change, and pushes us into the depths of our own fertile grounds.

I can feel her. She is looming in this obscure way. It's endings whether we like them or not, and beginnings we couldn't have imagined. Scorpio demands this- the cycle of death, rebirth, pushing us toward more life. She is relentless in her pursuit of truth, of what is real, of what is worth living for. But just like any good teacher, she is clear- you cannot know the highest highs without traversing the lowest lows. No great love comes without the risk of great loss. No pleasure without pain. No joy without sorrow. No life without death. Lessons come before gifts.

The energy is brewing, something like this alchemical soup, the kind that strips you down and changes you- inside to out. But, you can't always see it, you can't always understand it... But you can definitely feel it.

The moon is sitting right beside the karmic south node. It really feels like closing past doors- like truly cutting cords, stepping into higher alignment- alignment of the heart, and grounding into the potency of saying goodbye while simultaneously saying hello.

The truth about endings is that- while they can feel heavy and hard, they always serve to create space. And the beautiful thing about the space that's being created right now is that it is holding you in high magic. It is ripe for beginning again. It is moving you quickly and swiftly toward new timelines- and that is quite exciting.

Something to be excited about, for sure. :)

So while this full moon is likely tugging on emotional shrapnel buried deep within... It's likely enlightening us to some sneaky shadows lurking around below... And, it's definitely stewing around our own transformation- some kind of alchemical soup... We get to trust that shits just gonna be ok. It always is. Even those harsh endings... Even those things that are gut wrenching... It's still going to be ok- and we are so much richer, wiser, and softer because of life's tragic churn.

Thank goodness we are held in Taurus' grounding, loving, nourishing energy. The medicine here is:

Lie in the grass, technology free... And just be. Notice the birds, notice the bees humming and buzzing and vibrating in reciprocity.

Allow yourself to meet the skin of the earth, sink into it, feel magnetized toward it, held by it. Notice the boundaries dissolve... Notice your breath delighting in the erotic exchange with the plants, the animals, the trees...

And let yourself feel the love- the love that is intimately interconnected, co-dependent, together... As one. This sensual embodiment of simplicity and love.

Just being is enough.

Thank you Scorpio- for the lessons and the harsh realities... And thank you Taurus for giving us the ground to feel nourished and held despite it all.

May these endings encourage you to step forward into the shoes you are meant to walk forward in. And I hope you choose to walk forward- with your head held high and your heart leading the way.


alchemy (n.)

"medieval chemistry; the supposed science of transmutation of base metals into silver or gold" (involving also the quest for the universal solvent, quintessence, etc.)

  1. The pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing.
  2. The purest or most typical instance.
  3. In ancient and medieval philosophy, the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, thought to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things.


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